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 kick scooting through the forest in the Ardennes Regional Nature Park

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The kick scooters are easy to get the hang of; so off we go for new chills and spills!

I went kick scooting through the forest in the Ardennes Regional Nature Park


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Aventure Évasion, your outdoor activities organizer in Haybes


An offbeat activity

Most people associate kick scooting with youngsters showing off in brightly-coloured skate parks or with city folks looking for a more eco-friendly means of transport. Well, think again! We have tested a totally different kind of kick scooter, a scooter made for thrills, for whizzing down steep hills in the middle of forests. This scooter is nothing like the conventional scooter you can buy in the shops, the scooter we’re about to use is a high-performance, finely-tuned piece of machinery. It really is a far cry from the traditional, handy little scooter that can easily be folded and tidied away out of sight; this scooter really is quite a beast! If I had to describe it, I’d say it looks like a bicycle without a saddle or pedals. It has really large wheels to afford more stability as well as a rather sizeable deck for your feet. I have never used an electric kick scooter in my life, so I wonder what it will feel like in action. To discover this activity we set off with our super instructor from “Aventure Evasion” (a company specializing in outdoor activities). The instructor loads the scooters onto a small trailer and we ride off towards the hilltops in a van. After 10km and a very enjoyable ride, we arrive on the hills above Haybes where our  adventure will finally begin.

Kick scooting in the Ardennes to escape from it all - T. Verneuil

The scooters are really easy to get the hang of...

Straightaway, we are in the middle of the forest, in idyllic surroundings, ready to whizz down the area’s steep slopes. As it’s a kick scooter, which is more suited to downhill travel or for use on flat terrain, getting uphill with these contraptions is not an easy task, even though they are quite light for their size. We had never tried this activity before today, so before we scoot downhill, our instructor has planned a trial run on flat terrain. This way we have ample time to get the hang of the scooter, and I must confess: it really is easy-peasy!  The scooters are very stable and we immediately feel comfortable using them. We are not even the slightest bit anxious, and I’d even go as far to say that they feel safer and more stable than a bicycle. On the first few meters of flat ground we push with our legs. Not only can we feel our thighs working, it also turns out to be a great cardio work-out! The scooter is surprisingly easy to steer. 

After a couple of minutes of steering and turning, we behave like proper stuntmen! 

The scooters are very stable and we immediately feel comfortable using them.

«Going downhill on a scooter is a lot more thrilling than on a bicycle. Surprisingly, they also feel more stable »

Once we’ve finished warming up, we arrive at the downhill stretch of the course. From this point onwards, we will be going downhill until we reach our destination. Even though there are short stretches of flat from time to time, for the next couple of hours, we will be enjoying kicks and thrills all the way. I have to say that the course is located in an enchanting setting, and I quickly fall under the spell of this dense forest as nature works its magic.

We end the first part of our day on a happy note; we are also rather proud of our first ever scooter ride - T. Verneuil

We start the descent with manageable stretches so we can ease into the experience. This allows us to feel confident from the very start, and we feel quite comfortable scooting down the hill. We feel very safe, and bit by bit, we start scooting downwards at an increasingly high speed. The thrill of speed is absolutely incredible, and I simply adore the feeling! Because the scooter is also very easy to manoeuvre, the more seasoned among us even attempt a low jump or perform a couple of tricks and figures.

We end the first part of our day on a happy note; we are also rather proud of our first ever scooter ride. 

We make the most of the opportunity and take a well-deserved break in the forest. From this high up, we enjoy a stunning view of the village of Fumay, with the river Meuse snaking its way around the village, set against a backdrop of landscapes typical of the Ardennes. Make sure you stop for the view; it truly is a sight to behold!

The greatest thrills of my adventure in the Ardennes - T. Verneuil

Because of the thrills it procures, you could describe it as an extreme sport

Our final steep slope filled with thrills

To get back to Haybes we still have quite a long way to go, but more importantly, we still have the most challenging downwards slope to face. Enthusiastically we straddle our scooters and set forth through the beautiful forest at quite a high speed. Here, all of our sensations are heightened tenfold and I really enjoy whizzing down the hill. We race downhill at quite a high speed, while slaloming between the trees, jumping and dodging obstacles…It really is quite an adventure going down this hill, and it could described as an extreme sport, because of the thrills it procures and the rush of adrenalin.  I would like to point out that it is crucial to stay focused, because – as it the case with a bicycle - the tiniest mistake can lead to a nasty fall.


It’s great to feel confident, but it is really important to remain careful and avoid falling, especially as a fall could be quite painful when you’re tearing down the steep forest slopes. Time flies by, but it’s still as much fun, we never tire of the twists and turns of the forest road. In this idyllic setting, I make the most of every moment, of every second to refocus, and let my energy roam free during this exceptional and unusual activity. Alas, all good things must come to an end…We head home filled with awe, our eyes twinkling after his adrenaline-pumping adventure. Of all the activities I discovered in the Ardennes, this is my absolute favourite, because of the intoxicating combination of the unusual and the thrilling. One thing is certain, I will be trying this everywhere it is available and the Ardennes is the perfect playing ground to take up kick scooting. Discovering this sport really was a pleasant surprise. We would also like to thank Aventure Evasion for their wonderful welcome. They offer a wide variety of activities in this vast playing ground.

We never tire of the twists and turns of the forest road - T. Verneuil

Enjoy this experience


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