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the time I slept in a bubble on the shores of the Virelles lake

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 Enjoy a night in the heart of nature, far from the everyday humdrum



4 min OF MAGIC

An extraordinary and unusual accommodation

Sleeping in an unusual accommodation is always an interesting experience, but the experience borders on the unforgettable when the location is exceptional. We were lucky to sleep in a bubble set in the heart of the Virelles Aquascope, which is near Chimay, in the centre of Wallonia, in the south of Belgium.


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So, on that particular day we arrive at the Aquascope where we expect to enjoy an unusual experience. When we arrive, there is nothing to reveal the extraordinary adventure that awaits us. We discover a building that is open to the general public and aims to raise awareness and showcase the area’s (and more specifically the lake’s) biodiversity. We also get to visit a beautiful exhibition featuring stunning wildlife photography. We decide to tour the site and discover a wealth of information about the many different species that populate the site’s vast pond. And as cherry on the cake, we get to enjoy a wonderful air ballet performed by the birds flying above the lake, gaily chirping and twittering as the mood takes them. Ideally, you should take all of this in on arrival, before heading to your accommodation. 

The bubble with a view of the Virelles lake, a dream come true! - T. Verneuil

The extraordinary location the bubble is a blessing for those who come to enjoy this unusual experience 

An idyllic setting

After reconnoitering the site, the time has finally come for us to discover the bubble in which we are going to spend the night.  Via a narrow path, our hosts take us to the shores of the lake, where - much to our surprise – we discover a bubble floating on the water. Indeed, our unusual accommodation lies on a large wooden platform resting on piles above the water. Visually, the effect is amazing! It's just the bubble, the lake, and us…in an exquisite setting that is totally cut off from the outside world.  As far as the eye can see (apart from our peculiar and unexpected bubble of course), there is nothing but the park’s woodland and the sheer immensity of the lake.We find the place absolutely irresistible. There are only two of these glamping bubbles in the park, and the second is several dozens of meters away, hidden from sight behind the park’s dense vegetation. To our delight, the birds have decided to treat us to a repeat performance of their air ballet, diving and swooping gracefully in the sky above the lake. 

The bubble, lost in the park’s dense vegetation - T. Verneuil

This bubble is a cosy cocoon that will delight romantic souls   

The bubble is quite spacious and offers the same comfort as a traditional hotel room; it boasts comfortable bedding and even some storage space. Even though the bathroom is basic (we freely admit we would have liked to take a proper shower…), the place is so enchanting we quickly get over our initial disappointment.


Our first move is to sit on the bed, kick back and relax while admiring the peaceful view. Our second move is to go and sit on the bubble’s cosy little terrace and fully enjoy the fading daylight. I make the most of these enchanted moments on the lakeside; recharging my batteries and enjoying the restful sounds of nature and, after a while, I feel totally at peace with myself and the world. We decide to enjoy our aperitif on the terrace so we can admire the sun setting over the lake. The colours of the sunset are stunning, and pretty soon we are surrounded by a brightly-coloured world. As the blaze of colours reflects on the water surface, we experience a unique moment, in a unique location…Once the sun has set, the birds go to bed for the night, and without further delay, we decide to do the same. But first, we enjoy every minute and every ray of sun working its magic and subtly changing the scenery, minute after minute.

A perfectly comfortable bubble for a perfectly extraordinary and unusual night! - T. Verneuil

On clear nights, admiring the starlit sky inside the nice warm bubble truly is a magical moment

A night to be remembered

Because we want to make the most of this scenic setting and this special moment together in the heart of nature, we stay up a little later than planned and admire the starry sky above our heads. From the bubble you can enjoy 180­° views of the beauties of nature. We’re lucky; the weather is nice, the sky is clear, so we make the most of our luck and spend hours gazing at the magnificent sky, that gradually darkens, but in which billions of stars shine bright. This unusual accommodation is a rare gem, and perfectly suited for nature lovers and travellers who enjoy the outdoors and wide open spaces. It is also absolutely perfect for couples seeking to jazz up their routine with a new experience or wanting to enjoy a romantic, starlit night. We spend a lovely night in the bubble, and after a good night’s sleep, we wake up feeling wonderfully refreshed! Although it’s a tad chilly, we enjoy a wonderful breakfast in the bubble, eventually taking it out to the terrace so we can recharge our batteries by enjoying the ever stunning and unique view.

Daylight fading in Virelles - T. Verneuil

The energy that the place exudes in the morning is nothing short of extraordinary, with countless birds singing as they wake to the colours of the stunning sunrise. The place is teeming with life and joy. We decide to fully enjoy our last moments here before heading back to civilisation. We find it unexpectedly difficult to leave, because we feel so very much at home here, far from our troubles and daily routine. It was a marvellous opportunity to recharge before going back home, our souls overflowing with sweet memories.


The experience was sheer magic and we enjoyed unforgettable moments together. Sleeping in a bubble is more than just sleeping in an unusual accommodation, it’s also a experiencing a totally different way of life, in the heart of nature far from the everyday humdrum. The setting is incredible and the experience totally unique! One thing is sure; you will never experience the same feelings and sweet sensations anywhere else. So, if you have the chance to visit the beautiful area around Chimay, don’t think twice: go and discover the Virelles Aquascope and spend the night in one of their unique and unusual bubbles! 

Enjoy a unique experience in the Virelles Aquascope - T. Verneuil

Enjoy this experience


Virelles Aquascope - Unusual accommodation
Rue du Lac 42, 6461 Virelles
Tél.: +32 60 21 13 63


Opening times:
You can book a night in a bubble from 1 April to 30 September. We recommend you book well in advance! 

A night in the bubble will cost you € 220 on weekends and  € 200 on weekdays. Breakfast is included in the price. To check out their availibilities, please click here.


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