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A romantic night under the stars


Unusual accommodation in the heart of nature


Do you remember the last time you slept under the stars? For me, it was only a couple of weeks ago, and what a night it was! I spent the night up close and personal with nature while enjoying all the modern cons you could wish for. I spent an idyllic night in an enchanted and unusual bubble called ‘Sleep in a bubble”, owned by Colette and Luc, a charming couple.


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Sleep in a Bubble

Located in the “P’tis Leus” (Walloon for wolf cubs) domain  in Antheit, in the heart of Wallonia and between the areas of the Hesbaye and the Condroz, at equal distance from the beautiful cities of Liège and Namur, this bubble will offer you a beautiful setting for a surprising and a fantastic change of scenery! If you are on the lookout for your next unusual getaway, this is the one for you! 


The bubble definitely is a family affair. Five years ago, Colette and Luc (both freelance journalists), decided they wanted to welcome guests once again after closing their gîte so they invested in two glamping bubbles (initially baptized “evening star” and “at the foot of the tree”). Nonetheless, their  children are always happy to  give their parents a helping hand, while leaving the guests in peace.

Sleep in a Bubble

The owners are both “slow life”  devotees, so when the time came to renew their bubbles, they decided in the end that it would be best to keep only one bubble, so they would not have to rush about all the time, while holding down their day jobs. This is how the idea for the “enchanted bubble”  was born; it combines the best of the two anterior bubbles: an inflatable bubble, partly translucent, placed on a platform, in the shadow of a beautiful oak tree and affording an unobstructed view of the starry sky.


Sleeping under the stars, but with all the modern cons!


Who says you have to be camping enthusiast to enjoy spending the night under the stars? As I had bivouacked in the rather sparse comfort of my tent only a few days ago, I’m not ashamed to say I really enjoyed spending the night in this very comfortable bubble. Visually, you feel like you are outdoors, while comfortably enjoying the view from inside the bubble…

Today, this is  known as  “glamping”, a contraction of the words glamour and camping.

I have to say that the bubble is equipped with everything you need to create a cosy setting that is just as – or maybe even more – pleasant than any hotel: a double bed with a nice warm eiderdown ( bed linen is provided), as well as a really efficient electric heater.  I’m usually worried about feeling cold, so I really enjoyed the fact that the bubble was nice and warm.

Sleeping in a Bubble

But it doesn’t stop there: the bubble has a table with two chairs so you can eat inside the bubble as well as an electric kettle to make tea and coffee. Add to that lighting that creates an absolutely enchanting atmosphere, as well as a touching little attention put on the bed by the thoughtful owners: a  welcome slate with your names written on it a little kindness makes you feel like you’re in heaven!


The bubble’s bathroom is unexpectedly charming:  is located in a smaller bubble just next to the main bubble it contains a dry toilet (perfect for the environment, I wholeheartedly approve ^^), but also a neat washstand where you can freshen up the old-fashioned way, by pouring water into the washbowl with a jug.


 Few experiences are as extraordinary as spending the night in a bubble enter the bubble via the entrance chamber which - a bit like a decompression chamber – is the doorway to a totally different world... By the way: it's definitely not a good idea to open both doors at once, especially if you don't want the bubble to deflate!  End October, when the season is over, the bubble is deflated and safely stored for the winter. Next spring, the unusual bubble will be back in business! 

Lying in this cosy and authentic bubble where the feeling of freedom is ever-present, the expression “to have your head in the stars” suddenly makes sense...

A romantic night under the stars


Whether you are a couple in love, firm friends, or a parent holidaying with your child…one thing is sure: in the “enchanted bubble”, you will enjoy a novel and whimsical experience, but also an unforgettable one!  Just try and picture it: you are lying down on your comfy bed, curled up nice and warm under the eiderdown, the bubble is partly sheltered by the reassuring shadow of the huge oak tree that protects you, and you are totally mesmerized by a myriad of stars shining brightly in the canopy of heaven...


Spending the night in this magnificent and unique setting, is treating yourself to the perfect place to recharge your batteries as close as possible to nature.  Going back to the essentials, but with all the modern cons, as it were...

As soon as the lights are turned off, the bubble works its magic, offering a gorgeous view of the Mehaigne valley and its surrounding forests…In this intimate setting, you enjoy great privacy, so you can quietly enjoy this unique and extraordinary setting. Totally starstruck (^^) we gaze at the sky and pick out the constellations that are so familiar to us all: Cassiopeia, the Great Bear…


And because the good things in life often involve food, we were delighted to discover that you can have a three-course meal (noteworthy fact, there is also a vegetarian option) prepared by Jean-Luc Lambotte, chef and owner of the restaurant “La Bistronomie” in Wanze,  delivered to the bubble.

As for breakfast, it is delivered on your doorstep, so you can enjoy viennoiseries and other delicious fare, snugly seated in the nice warm bubble.  Definitely a great way to start your day!


Like small children, we  marvel at the sheer immensity and beauty of the universe...

Hiking in the Burdinale Mehaigne Nature Reserve

If you want to extend your stay, they are many hikes in the vicinity so you can get lost in nature in the Burdinale Mehaigne Nature Reserve.  I decided to try the hike called “walk along the stones”, which among others, takes you along the Moha Castle (dating back to medieval times).    The loop walk is 7,30km long, and the other  trails range from 5 to 22km, so you can pick and choose depending on your mood.


Not quite sure which trail is perfect for you? No problem, just ask you hosts for a detailed map of the available hikes, or go to the Maison du Tourisme (Walloon equivalent of a Tourist Information Centre) in Burdinne. Either way, try to avoid getting lost like I did (even though taking the time to travel also has its charm)!

Sleep in a Bubble

Enjoy this experience ? 

Sleep In a Bubble
Colette Barbier & Luc Ruidant

Rue Lucien Dupagne, 25A, B-4920 Antheit, Belgium
Tel: +32 (0)85 23 40 39

Maison du Tourisme Terres de Meuse
Quai de Namur, 4500 Huy, Belgium
Tel: +32 (0) 85 21 29 15


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