Place Ducale in Charleville-Mézières

Place Ducale, 100% ECO-FRIENDLY

Where to buy organic food ?

If you want to explore Place Ducale and the surrounding area in "slow tourism" mode, here's a selection of places in total harmony with the environment. Local, organic, and eco-friendly!

petit bois guestrooms

Natural living

  • Petit Bois guestrooms:  
    Two guestrooms in the historical centre of Charleville, in an ancient, renovated building with all the mod cons, just a stone's throw from Place Ducale. Your hostess proposes bicycle facilities and breakfasts based on fresh local produce and home preparations. The rooms are cleaned with natural substances.

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  • La Grange aux Bois:   
    The Grange aux Bois boasts five guestrooms in a historical mansion that's part of the industrial heritage of the Ardennes. The rooms offer the calm of the countryside and exceptional views of the Ardennes forest. Riders benefit from pleasant facilities for horses with bright, airy stables and troughs for drinking water. The traditional meals of regional specialities are often organic and a vegetarian menu is available on request. The household cleaning products are all natural.

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La Grange aux Bois
Au Rythme d'Arduinna gypsy caravan
  • Au Rythme d’Arduinna:
    Two unusual and eco-friendly accommodation solutions in the heart of the Préardennaise summits just a 20-minute drive from Place Ducale, or a good hour by bicycle. A guestroom in an eco-friendly house with straw insulation, built by the owner from a maximum of biosourced materials. The use of natural products gives the place a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. A self-built gypsy caravan parked in a grass field in the heart of a quiet little valley of wooded countryside and meadows. Breakfast is based on local, homemade produce.

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Fresh, local produce 

  • Since 2013, the town of Charleville-Mézières has hosted the local producers' market at the inescapable Place Ducale. Growers and artisans are delighted to present their authentic produce and products prepared with the savoir-faire of tradition and sold directly to the consumer. Irresistable, naturally! The local growers' market at Charleville-Mézières takes place from 3.30 pm on the 2nd Friday of every month between March and November.
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Local growers' market
Homemade yoghurt
  • You can also find the local producers at "Authentique Fermier" in Villers-Semeuse, just a few kilometres from Charleville heading towards Sedan. As the name suggests, this is a supermarket where local growers sell their produce. It opens from Wednesday to Saturday, 9 am until 7 pm, non-stop!
  • Organic baguettes: Around Place Ducale, 2 bakeries sell organic French sticks: Pâtisserie du Mont Olympe and Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Billard (Beware, their pastries are to die for!)
  • Zero waste: On Rue Iréné Carré you'll find a zero-waste grocery called "Gram"

Making merry, "responsibly"

  • Cabaret Vert is the Ardennes' own rock festival that celebrates the region from 22 to 25 August 2019. Cabaret Vert is an "Eco-Festival" that reaches out to the future generations with the emphasis on environmental protection, economic growth and social fulfilment. All actions relating to the festival are in line with a global approach (in consideration of planetary  issues) and implemented locally.
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Cabaret Vert festival

Other initiatives:

  • The Marcassol: As you probably know, tourism is often a major asset in terms of a region's economic growth. Opting for local products is one way to contribute to this momentum! If you so wish, you can even choose to pay for your items in  Marcassols, the local solidarity currency of the Ardennes!
  • Nature excursions: For the "curious by nature", discover the activities proposed by Benj’Anim in Charleville and the vicinity: introduction to medicinal plants, wooden pallet constructions, theme hikes, and a whole range of other activities. Your guide has been committed to a sustainable development approach for many years now.
  • Tree-climbing courses: The Art'Boretum association organises courses to learn independent tree-climbing techniques. The aim is to explore nature from the canopy, using the techniques of tree surgeons. The course takes place in the Ardennes forest near the town of Charleville-Mézières.


  • Nowadays, you don't need your car to explore Charleville-Mézières and the region. If you come by train you can choose between cycling - Charleville offers cycle routes along the River Meuse - and using a self-service electric car. There are 32 shared electric vehicles in service across the Ardenne Métropole region. You can reserve a vehicle here in just a few clicks, including one that's available just opposite Charleville-Mézières station.