The fondue wagon

Ardenne Trait Gourmande  fondue wagon

Ardenne Trait Gourmande - fondue wagon

Joffrey and Laetitia Guyaux-Deprelle

Surprising. Unusual. Succulent. Travelling kilometres while eating a fondue, that’s intriguing. It’s what’s on offer from the Guyaux family: Joffrey, Laetitia, their children, their team of young helpers and their Ardennes shire horses.

Ardenne Trait Gourmande

Climb aboard their horse-drawn wagon and enjoy a tasty fondue, an aperitif and nibbles, brunch or breakfast. A great atmosphere is guaranteed. The wagon ride can be combined with a guided tour of the Clog Museum or the Owl Garden, for example.

The menu is made up exclusively of local produce: home-slaughtered meat, vegetables from the horse-powered market garden, cheeses made a few kilometres away, Walloon wine, herbal teas from Tellin or Libramont and coffee roasted in Bièvre… You can choose a Limousin or Ardennes-style fondue, with cheese, poultry, seafood or vegetables, all supplied by local producers. It’s back to basics, being aware of what you are eating… Eat and observe…


Ardenne Trait Gourmande - Chariot à fondue
Departs from the village church 
1, Rue de Graide
6929 Porcheresse 
Province of Luxembourg, Belgium
Tel: +32 495 21 53 78

Climb aboard their horse-drawn wagon and enjoy a tasty fondue, an aperitif and nibbles, brunch or breakfast.

Ardenne Trait Gourmande - detail of the fondue wagon
Ardenne Trait Gourmande - fondue wagon
Ardenne Trait Gourmande - covered fondue wagon

Joffrey and Laetitia recommend: L'Atelier T’Air

Colours and materials are at the centre of the artistic approach Tatania Goujon, a potter based in Redu. She harnesses the magic of natural pigments and the kiln. Her research has led to her using a very personal range of colours, both bold and subtle, light and striking, abstract and figurative. She is always on the lookout for new discoveries and experiments, ready to be surprised by her materials and to accept what they offer her.

Tatiana works in harmony with the elements. She shapes her works by hand, using a potter’s wheel for utility pieces and clay from the clay pit at Hins, near Florennes in Belgium. They are fired in electric or gas kilns. She shows her respect for nature by recycling as much clay and water as possible.

Tatiana produces work to order, but saves her most striking self-expression for the works in which expresses her inner world, creating pieces full of humanity, striking or soft colours and resonant dialogues between different materials.



Atelier T’Air
66, Rue de Hamaide, 6890 REDU
Province of Luxembourg, Belgium
Tel: +32 472 91 63 35

L'Atelier T'Air
Bowls at L'Atelier T'Air
L'Atelier T'Air mountain lake
Plate at L'Atelier T'Air
Panda at L'Atelier T'Air

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