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Benjamin Laurent

Benjamin Laurent offers nature walks, tailor-made to the group's requirements. Do you have a specialised interest? The walks are around 3-4km long. He also offers longer, themed hikes whre you learn as you walk.

Benj'anim - photo credit Alexis Léger

Another offer is his "At home with..." sessions to help you better understand your garden: who lives there? What plants grow there? How can you look after them and encourage them? His most popular theme is medicinal plants. This walk's objectives are to learn how to identify plants by the road or footpath and to understand their therapeutic and culinary uses.

Benjamin also offers creative upcycling workshops for up to six participants to learn how to make furniture from pallets. Each participant chooses what to make: bug hotel, feeding trough, nesting box, garden furniture, compost bin, planter or shelves…  

His skill is leading events, always through the prism of sustainable development.

Département des Ardennes, France
Tel: +33 6 49 48 54 23

His skill is leading events, always through the prism of sustainable development.

Group tour by Benj'Anim - photo credit Hervé Dapremont
DIY workshop by Benj'Anim
Return from a mushroom foraging tour organised by Benj'Anim

Benjamin recommends: Arden & Vous

This agency brings the Ardennes destination to life. Aurore Lallemand of Arden & Vous offers tourist experiences in pre-planned themed stays or tailor-made events. Her field of play? The Ardennes massif, covering France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

History, legends and flavours are revealed through different categories of offers: adventure & unusual, well-being, city breaks, gastronomy and history & culture. You  choose the themes that interest you and Aurore concocts a programme, chooses accommodation and suggests places to visit… 

To create her Ardennes experiences, she works with local suppliers: unusual accommodation, nature event leaders, artisan producers and farmers. They help her actions to promote and aid discovery of the riches of the cross-border Ardennes. Another great idea; Arden & Vous offers a range of Experience in the Ardennes gift boxes, or how to share your passion for a destination.


Arden & Vous
Département des Ardennes, France
Tel: +33 03 10 93 07 05


Arden&Vous - Beer walk at the Fondry des Chiens sinkhole
Arden&Vous - preparation for a stay
Arden&Vous - rafting micro-adventure workshop