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Mounts and valleys of the Ardennes 
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The trails and paths here and elsewhere are my veins, especially when they climb. As I walk or cycle through them, I nourish them with my passions of photography and writing. If the mountain is my rejuvenation, the most beautiful discoveries are not always very far away…  

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I love my region with its forests and hidden valleys. At dawn, I'm moved by the glacial wind that transforms the Hautes-Fagnes plateau into tundra, or when the great forest sparkles after the rain. Because the Ardennes is at its most beautiful when the elements are unleashed.

The belle-époque experience at Villa 1900

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Living the belle-époque at villa 1900, picture by Pierre Pauquay



The Ardennes region hides many secret corners and authentic landscapes, like the beautiful French Semoy or the steep Amblève and Our valleys. I also discovered the  little-known Belle-Epoque heritage of Waulsort, where I also met some beautiful people.