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A castle of legends

Bouillon castle has become a top attraction in the province of Luxembourg. Naturally, the superlatives associated with it are good reasons for that, but so is the castle's huge wealth of history. A history marked forever by an event that occurred nearly 1,000 years ago: the departure of Godfrey for the Holy Land on a mission to deliver the tomb of Christ from infidel hands.

Bouillon castle has literally traversed the ages

When you visit the castle, keep your eyes open for the witnesses of that adventure which are still present today, the carnations. Seeds from these flowers were intended for Godfrey's grave, but he decided to put them to a completely different use. He asked his friend, Aloys, to return the seeds to Bouillon and bedeck the castle with flowers. He said the little pink carnations would become the eternal reminders of the magnificent and terrible saga of the men of the cross. Even today, as if by magic, carnations still bloom here every year, but only on the castle walls.

View over history at Bouillon
Another view of Bouillon castle

But Godfrey also left us with another legend here at Bouillon castle. That of a seat carved out of the rock. A powerful seat that promises wedlock to anyone who sits on it.

While we cannot guarantee you'll be asked in marriage, what we can promise is that you'll never forget your visit to Godfrey's fiefdom.

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