Bicycle rentals on the Voie Verte

Bike rental outlets along the Voie Certe cycle path

Bike rental outlets along the Voie Verte cycle path


How to travel along the Trans-Ardennes cycle path? A family day out or a touring itinerary? Which is the right bicycle for you?

The Voie Verte cycle path in Haybes

Ask for advice at the bicycle rental outlets along the Voie Verte cycle path: a hybrid bike for a gentle ride, an electrically-assisted bike for longer distances or just to keep up with the youngsters, or why not a surrey bike for the whole family…

And if you want something really different, then try a striker or a carrier tricycle! There's something to suit every taste.

These professionals will also provide helmets, safety vests and child trailers... to make sure you stay safe.

Finally, in the event of damage to your bike, you'll find repair outlets all the way along the cycle path.


To find all bicycle rentals along the Voie Verte, please visit the Ardennes website


If you want to cross the border and pursue your journey in Belgium, you can follow the RAVel cycle path from Dinant to Maastricht, via Namur and Liège. Cycle along the River Meuse!

The Voie Verte cycle path in Ennemane

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