walks in the vicinity of Orval abbey

Orval walks

Orval walks

Orval Abbey is a departure point for plenty of easy walking routes. Many of them take you across the border between Belgium and France as you discover the gems of local heritage. The nature reserve is definitely worth seeing!


Le bois de la Vierge


From the Abbey, follow the blue marker posts indicating the "Bois de la Vierge". After walking for half an hour through woods and fields, you'll reach the typical village of Villers-devant-Orval. You'll then walk to the source of the River Ourdel before following a forest path to the Abbey.


  Distance: 7.5 km

  Level of difficulty: Easy

  Time: 1hr 30mns

Nature reserve walk


On this short walk you'll have the pleasure of meeting herds of Highland cattle! Just follow the green triangular panels from the Abbey. You'll also have a chance to learn about the bats that live in this old Cistercian valley. An ideal family outing with young children!


  Distance: 5.5 km

  Level of difficulty: Easy

  Time: 1hr

The walks around Orval are both easy and accessible, and definitely worth doing


Chameleux walk


This walk will take you across the border to France, close to the village of Chameleux. Along the way you'll discover a state fish farm, the beautiful church of Williers and the Gallo-Roman camp. From the Abbey, follow the blue markers in the footsteps of our ancestors to discover the ancient foundries of Orval.


  Distance: 11.5 km

  Level of difficulty: Average

  Time: 2hrs 30mns

Milestones walk


From the Abbey, follow the red triangular panels into the forest. You can then follow the old abbey milestones, and let yourself be soothed by the song of birds and attentive to what the ancient oaks are telling you.


  Distance: 6.5 km

  Level of difficulty: Easy

  Time: 1hr 30mns

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