Connection - Lompret, La Virelle, Cerfontaine

À Lompret

A - Lompret, one of the Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia

The typical houses of pale grey limestone, dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, call to mind the know-how of the inhabitants in days gone by. A small Calestienne village set within a loop of the winding Eau Blanche river, the Lompret site has been inhabited since ancient times, as is borne out by many archaeological discoveries. Its oldest architectural core dates back to a feudal castle destroyed in 1640 and established at the very edge of a rocky spur.  

À Virelles

B - The Virelles aquascope

A journey from the depths of the lake to the top of the trees… In the museum area, immerse yourself in the very heart of the lake. Aquatic animals reveal their records and their tricks here. On a big screen, follow the life of the lake as the seasons pass. Ready for a walk? Then now is the time to go and take a closer look at the lake: below the water, at the water’s edge and from the treetops!

Prepare to go back in time across 500 years of the history of this place. Finally, you will discover how you, too, can help protect nature and the environment. Inn and restaurant, nature boutique and large play area.

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À Cerfontaine

C - The land of lakes

The Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure offer visitors a remarkable view of well-preserved nature and extraordinary landscapes, their feet in the water… On the banks or on the water, young and old alike will enjoy the delights of gliding, navigating, walking, diving and rock climbing, or going to the very heart of a dam, to the hydroelectric power station! For gourmet moments and to rest a while, the Lacs also have welcoming facilities, pleasant place to stop and admire, simply making the most of this extraordinary setting.

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Did you know?

This natural, well-preserved site, with stretches of water covering almost 600 hectares, 600 hectares of forests and 600 hectares of meadows, is the largest nautical complex in Belgium, with 70 kilometres of banks, far more than the Belgian coast.

À Cerfontaine

D - The Museum of Local Life

This small local museum has been established in a disused railway station that is unique of its kind since it is built on a bridge... (line 132 Charleroi-Vireux, listed in 1992).

It contains objects and documents relating to life in days gone by, recalling the folklore (children’s games, the delights of yesteryear), school, leisure activities, (festivals, fairs, hunting), the parish and religious life, everyday occupations, the railway, associations, the two world wars, etc.

A great reason for a walk or a fascinating stopover for everyone interested in local matters and the old Walloon region.

À Cerfontaine

E - Reception and tourist information site

Centre d'accueil de la Plate Taille –

Office du Tourisme de Clairefontaine : Place de l'église, 9, 5630 CERFONTAINE – Tel. : 0032(0) 71/644.667