À Vresse-sur-Semois

A - Canoeing & kayaking: practical information

Hire a kayak or canoe:

Cap Semois - rue Albert Raty, 80 - 5550 VRESSE ~ Info : 0477/58.20.62 –

info@capsemois.be - www.capsemois.be

Go kayaking down the Semois from Alle to Bohan. All year long.

Landing and boarding:

Area at the bridge of Vresse (upstream and downstream from the bridge, right bank)


Beach at the bridge of Vresse  


À Vresse

B - La Glycine

In the early 20th century, Vresse-sur-Semois became the village of painters, the rendezvous of all the artists in the region. José Chaidron, owner of La Glycine hotel, founded the ‘Vresse School’ in around 1920. This was to become a reference in the world of landscape artists. Countless temporary exhibitions have been held there over the past seventy years and more. Writers and famous people often come to La Glycine for its special atmosphere. The Belgian painter Léon Frédéric (1856-1940), from the nearby hamlet of Nafraiture, produced a number of works based on the surrounding forest. These days, the hotel is the headquarters of the Namur Ardennes tourist office.

Did you know?

The painter Albert Raty (1889-1970) came and settled in Vresse early on. He carried the mystery and poetry of the Ardennes beyond the borders, bringing others to love the region’s valleys, forests and rivers. He always based his work on the things he saw and felt. His canvases are extraordinary documents of the Ardennes now gone forever. He is and always will be the 'Master of Vresse'.

À Vresse

C - Reception and tourist information site

Maison du Tourisme de « l'Ardenne Namuroise » - www.ardenne-namuroise.be

À Laforêt

D - The Legends Walk

Laforêt has retained the typical character of southern Ardennes villages.

From the village fountain, as you go along you will discover, at the corner of a narrow path or a bend, the wild hunter, the white lady, the satyr, the devil, the gnomes or the werewolf...

Practical details
Distance: 2 km
Waymarking: blue cross
Difficulty: easy
Time: 1 h
Start: the Pinocchio workshop in Laforêt.


At the end of the walk, in Mawhotte, a picnic site has been set out.

Did you know?

Laforêt prospered when tobacco was grown on the alluvial banks of the Semois. Bearing witness to this past, a number of driers stand in the centre of this beautiful village, brimming with character.

À Laforêt

E - Walking

The ‘Trellis Bridge’ (Pont des Claies) through the ages

Below the village, a wooden footbridge made of trellises is thrown across the Semois in summer. This is the legacy of the tobacco growers, who once used it to reach the fertile soil along the river bank without having to go all the way round… The walk will take you there.

Practical details
Distance: 3 km
Waymarking: red rectangle
Difficulty: easy (N.B. the trellis bridge only crosses the Semois in summer)
Time: 1 h
Start: the walk starts at the church in Laforêt

À Vresse-sur-Semois

F - Vresse-sur-Semois

Vresse-sur-Semois, nestling on the banks of the Semois in a forest setting, has inspired many a landscape painter. This village, lying on the edge of the province of Namur, is on a human scale, as is the little Saint-Lambert stone bridge that takes you across into another world, that of the imaginary Ardennes.

Did you know?

The apron on Saint-Lambert’s bridge is so narrow that only pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders are able to cross! This architectural particularity is said to result from a decision taken by Saint Lambert himself, the patron of Vresse. He wanted to prevent Saint Agatha, patron of Laforêt, from coming and spreading the Christian faith in his lands – and she travelled only by horse-drawn carriage!

À Laforêt

G - The tobacco village

Laforêt has retained the typical character of the villages found in the southern Ardennes. Laforest prospered when tobacco was grown on the alluvial banks of the Semois. Bearing witness to this past, a few tobacco driers still stand in the centre of this village brimming with character.