Liaison - Membre

À Membre

A - Canoeing & kayaking: practical information

Hire a kayak or canoe:

Le Tourbillon

Chaussée Romaine, 5 – 5550 MEMBRE ~ Info : 061/61.37.53

Landing and boarding:

Area at the bridge of Membre (right bank, downstream from the bridge)


Beach at the bridge of Membre

À Membre

B - The Jambon beauty spot

Between Membre and Bohan lies the well-known Jambon beauty sCOGpot which, along with that of the Giant’s Tomb, in Botassart, is one of the most famous in the Ardennes. The Semois traces a two-kilometre loop here. The name, referring to its shape, recalls an Ardennes cold meats speciality. Its slopes and hills make up most of the Membre-Bohan National Park. This nature reserve, which covers 177 hectares, is of interest mainly for its outstanding panoramas. It is home to a number of natural curiosities with highly evocative names, such as the ravin du Sautou, the Châtelet, the Cheminée, the Trou de l’Homme sauvage, the Roche la Dame, and the Table des Fées.