The Croix-Scaille

À Croix-Scaille

A - Information and services for walkers

The starting point: the Millennium Tower

Waymarking: yellow rectangle

The course :

Make your way to the ‘Ferme Jacob’ and then follow the wide forest path (on the right as you leave the farm).

This path takes you to the Alfred Bruck monument. From here, you walk along a small road that joins the main road which you will follow for about 200 metres before turning right and going toward towards the mill stream.

You then take a narrow forest path at the bottom of the valley along the Hulle stream to Collin Bridge.

À Croix-Scaille

B - The Millennium Tower

The 42-metre-high Millennium tower is an amazing structure. It’s as if you were at the top of a ship’s mast, with the view spreading 30 kilometres beneath you across an ocean of green: the Ardennes forest!

À Croix-Scaille

C - Walking

The 'Fange de l'Abîme'

Upon leaving the 'Ferme Jacob' farm, the last rows of spruce trees stand guard over this plateau of peaty mires. Duckboards open up the way towards pure nature: enter with humility. Beneath your feet, the water gurgles and streams spring up.

Rousseries stream flows over its bed of black peat at the point where two duckboards cross. Cold and acidic, it hides among the birch trees and the peat moss. Twilight falls over the Fange de l’Abîme. There’s not a glimmer of light on the horizon. Nothing to betray a human presence. The isolation makes you tremble.  

The walk is enhanced by panels explaining the botany of the area and takes you to one of the last remaining peaty moors of the western Ardennes.

Practical details
Distance: 7 km
Waymarking: yellow (walk No 41)
Difficulty: average
Time: 2.30 h
Start: Millennium Tower

To go further afield

Gedinne walking map on sale at the Namur Ardennes Tourist Office

Did you know?

The ‘Ferme Jacob’ farm, together with the neighbouring villages of Vieux-Moulins-de-Thilay and Neuville-aux-Haies, were centres of the resistance movement. Their remote location and the protection of the forest made them ideal hiding places for the maquis, the Resistance fighters. Marguerite Fontaine, who lived in Vieux-Moulins, saved many escaped prisoners and allied pilots whose planes had been shot down.

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