LES HAYONS (The Fairies’ Farm in the village of LES HAYONS )

In the land of the Semois, life flows peacefully on, following the rhythm of the untamed river. This stage visits the sites of legends to be explored only by hikers. A marvellous reason to walk.

À Les Hayons

A - The Fairies’ Farm

At the dawn of a new day in September, on Mont de Zatrou: the wisps of mist rise and fall in the Semois valley. These hangings, light as silk, take on human form in the popular imagination: the fairies are born. A few hundred metres from the beauty spot, the village of Les Hayons is blessed by fairies. Legend has it these ethereal beings protected the local people for centuries, before being betrayed by them.

At the Fairies’ Farm, Marie-Laure Alff has recreated the enchanted world of these creatures, forming the heavenly beings by hand. With the soul of an artist, Marie-Laure paints as well. “I love painting nature: it’s present all around us. The Semois is the least populated region of Belgium. I work in shades of blue, at dusk, when the fairies appear. From Mont de Zatrou, which I have sketched, I can imagine flying like a fairy…”.

Also tourist information desk of Section locale du RSI de Bouillon


Open :

all year round from 10am to 6pm, closed from 12.30 to 1.30pm

closed on Tuesday in July and August and on Tuesday and Wednesday from September to June


Inn, free entrance. An animation for groups (adults and seniors) is available on reservation (french, dutch, english, german and luxembourgish)

Mont de Zatrou, 1
6830 Bouillon
Tel : 0033(0)61468917
Web : www.fermedesfees.be

À Mortehan

B - The Fairies’ Castle

Visitors enter the fortress along a corridor. The thick terrace walls command respect. In the Middle Ages, a keep 18 metres high and 13 metres wide dominated this highly strategic location. Encircled by the Munos and Monceux streams, these days it holds out the promise of a lovely walk…

From the fortress, a very pretty walk follows the course of the two streams. (Walking map on sale at the Tourist Office)

Access: The castle is on the Mortehan-Bertrix road.

À Cugnon

C - Walking

The Mill and the trellis bridge

Walking in the Semois valley when spring comes is delightful! The banks of the river are scattered with thousands of flowers. On the way to the bridge lies the beautiful Mortehan mill: at dawn, its wheel still stirs the waters of the race. Down below, the Semois valley lazily criss-crosses a vast meadow, rich in the river’s alluvial deposits. With the beginnings of warm weather, we can cross the Semois ford on foot, once the only way for the people of the valley’s villages. In season, a trellis bridge is thrown across the water. On the other side, a delightful route ascends the slope. The forest is majestic, as are all the massifs that encircle the Semois.


Practical details

Distance: 9 km

Waymarking: walk No C1.

Difficulty: average

Time: 3 hrs

Start: from Cugnon, go towards Mortehan.

The walking map 'Auby - Cugnon - Mortehan - Bertrix - Herbeumont - Saint-Mard - Straimont' is available in the following tourist centers :

- Maison du tourisme du Pays de Bouillon

Tel: +32 (0) 61/46.52.11
Email : info@bouillon-tourisme.be

- Syndicat d'initiative de Bertrix-Semois

Tel: +32 (0) 61/41.43.92
Email : sibertrix@skynet.be

- Syndicat d'initiative de Bertrix-Semois

Tel: +32 (0) 61/41.24.40
Email : sicugnonx@skynet.be

- Syndicat d'initiative d'Herbeumont

Tel: +32 (0) 61/41.24.12
Email : rsih@skynet.be

À Mortehan

D - The old cemetery

It is sometimes difficult to describe the feelings aroused by sites like these. The old cemetery in Mortehan carries visitors into another world. The tombstones bewitch us in the early hours, when vapours rise from the Semois and pervade the area.

Access: The cemetery is hidden from the view of the living. At the little church, follow the road that goes down towards the river. The cemetery lies behind the shale houses.