Hauts Buttés (Centre legends and the Tchar Scaille )

À Les Hauts-Buttés

A - The Marshes

They add still further to the end-of-the-world atmosphere! Thirty hectares of nothing but moorland and peat. The peat bogs are covered in peat moss, which can hold over ten times its weight in water. This grandiose site is imbued with the scents of peat moors, bog bilberry, purple moor grass and common heather.

Did you know?

The Konik Polski breed of horse came from the Przewalski, the last wild horse in Europe. This rustic pony appreciates the cold climate of the plateau.

À Les Hauts-Buttés

B - The Celestial Chariot

Here we reach the peaks. Although it is not really very high, at 500 metres, the influence of the continental climate that pervades the area transforms the village of Les Hauts-Buttés into a high-altitude region. This is the end of the world. From the Celestial Chariot to the place called ‘Aux Six Chaînons’, the view over the forest is magnified. You can see for miles: no houses, no human presence disrupts the endless scene. It’s a landscape well worth seeing, and everyone will find their way: the forest that leads you there gives clear directions.


A waymarked walk leads to Croix Scaille through the remote villages of Vieux-Moulins-de-Thilay and La Neuville-aux-Haie: it is part of the Semoy network.