À Villy-la-Ferté

A - The Maginot Line fort

10 May 1940. The Germans pushed rapidly through the Belgian Ardennes and went round the famous Maginot Line. It didn’t suffered at all, except in Villy where the German army bombarded the fortified structure with over 250 cannons. The shock was terrible, but the garrison stood its ground for three days. Eventually, the Germans overcame the resistance by placing charges beneath the domes. Inside, it was hell: 104 soldiers were asphyxiated.

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Fort de Villy La Ferté
08370 La ferte sur chiers
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The pays d’Yvois path

A lovely walk goes through the countryside overlooked by the fort.


Practical details

Distance: 9 km

Waymarking: yellow rectangle

Difficulty: easy

Time: 2.30 h

Start: from the Memorial car park, go towards Villy.