Celles (The land of romance )

Condroz has secret corners that can only be reached by hikers: as you come around bends in the paths, lost hamlets, delightful castles and villages brimming with character will enchant you. The Condroz region radiates pure charm.

À Vêves

A - The fairytale castle

Proud of its ideal proportions, Vêves Castle, which was founded by Pepin of Herstal in the 7th century, is one of the finest examples of a fortified castle. In its symmetrical towers and along parapet walk, you have the impression that you can still hear the clanking armour of the soldiers on watch. The Middle Ages are very present within these walls, with the lavish weapons room and the huge kitchen. Along the path leading to the entrance to Vêves, young and old alike can imagine that they are knights…

5561 Houyet
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Web : http://www.chateau-de-veves.be

Did you know?

The Liedekerke-Beaufort lineage reigned in Vêves for eight centuries, a length of time rarely found in history.

À Celles

B - One of the Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia

Celles was once a seignory dependent on the principality of Liège. Saint Hadelin’s church is one of the most beautiful examples of Mosan architecture. What a delight to walk between these limestone walls, decked with flowers. A long, hard road takes you to the hermitage, from where you can look down upon one of the 'Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia'.

5561 Houyet
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Web : http://www.beauxvillages.be


From Celles, it is possible to reach Vêves Castle on foot. A path follows the ridge before turning back down into the small valley at the foot of the fairytale castle.

Practical details
Distance: 7 km
Waymarking: red diamond
Difficulty: easy
Time: 2.30 h
Start: Celles church

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