Philippeville (Old stronghold and its underground passages )

À Philippeville

A - The stronghold and its underground passages

1555, Mariembourg, a city of Charles V, fell into French hands, opening up a way through the defences of the Empire. But what did the Emperor care! In three months, Philippeville, named after his son, was built and surrounded by ramparts.


Underground galleries link the external watch gates to the main wall. A 500-metre walk beneath the ground gives visitors an idea of the defensive system and tells its story. This visit is preceded by a film relating the history of the region, the city and the underground passages.


Rue des Religieuses,2
5600 Philippeville
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À Roly

B - The 'fortified castle'

This remarkable architectural complex dating from the 16th century consists of ditches, the castle itself, the chapel and the farm.

Place de Roly,1
5600 Philippeville
Tel : 0032(0) 60 31 36 76