Charleville-Mézières (One city, two destinies )

Charleville and Mézières, now united for the better, have experienced two great destinies. One was built on the orders of an Italian nobleman; the other was born of the work of its craftsmen and the determination of its tradesmen.

A child of Charleville, Arthur Rimbaud was not kind to his home town. ‘Atrocious Charlestown’, as he called it, very soon weighed heavily him. He wanted just one thing: to leave. Rimbaud, a little rascal with the face of an angel in perpetual exile, was to embody this contradiction throughout his short life.

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A - Port de plaisance de Charleville-Mézières

Accessible directly via the waterways, Charleville-Mézières has a marina and a mooring station to welcome tourists enjoying the delights of sailing.

With facilities to accommodate 88 boats, the marina lies at the heart of the Mont Olympe tourist centre, just a stone’s throw from the city centre. It is equipped to receive boats of over 12 metres. Complementing the marina, the mooring station along the Meuse offers amateur sailors the opportunity to drop anchor with their small vessels for a short stopover.

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B - Vidéo - Charleville-Mézières

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C - The fortified city

Mézières in the 9th century... The quays along the Meuse were bustling with activity. A lot of trading took place: Burgundy wines passed through the city. At this crossroads of the economic world in northern Europe, trading posts and processing workshops sprang up on all sides. The city became rich on 500 years of trade. Many people from Liège brought their know-how to Mézières. Henceforth, iron was to be hammered out along the Meuse. This wealth had to be protected. Mézières took steps to ensure that it was encircled and fortified…

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Guided tours of the ramparts are organised by the Charleville tourist office in season.


Amedievaltour of the city reveals Mézières’ glorious past (Information from the Charleville tourist office)

Did you know?

One of the world’s first cars, the Clément-Bayard, was built in the Macérienne factory in Mézières. This small racing car was born of the determination of its designer, Gustave-Adolphe Clément, who had engaged the best foundry skills of the time. These buildings still stand today and can be seen along the ramparts.

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D - The Place Ducale

1606. One Louis de Gonzague, an Italian nobleman, wanted to move closer to France. On his wife’s land, he created a new city from start to finish, designed in the Italian style! His son Charles, a worthy heir, dreamt up Place Ducale, with its draughtboard pattern and its fine symmetry. He gave his name to this beautiful city and it quickly supplanted Mézières, which had become dated.

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Did you know?

The Place Ducale was designed by Clément Métezeau, brother of Louis, who created the Place des Vosges in Paris. The twenty-four pavilions in ochre stone from Dom-le-Mesnnil, with blue-tinted slate roofs, clearly reflect the Ardenne region.


How can you fail to be captivated by the charm of Place Ducale, now a pedestrian precinct, and enjoy its many café and restaurant terraces?

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E - Rimbaud, the child of the land.

This brilliant poet was born in Charleville and spent his childhood and adolescence there before moving to Paris and discovering the world.

Learn about his life and work at the Rimbaud museum, the Maison des Ailleurs – the poet’s family home - and the “Voyelles” media resource centre, or by following the Rimbaud tour laid out by the Charleville tourist office (Place Ducale).

Info : The museum will be closed in 2014 for maintenance. Pending reopening a sapce dedicated to the poete is open at the Museum of the Ardenne

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F - Museum of the Ardenne

Visitors enter the museum through a lovely inner courtyard, hidden from sight, as it were. But once inside, what a discovery awaits! The museography is extraordinary. Combining glass, ochre-coloured stone from Dom and metal, it tells the story, the Great Story of the Ardenne, covering every age and evoking the major periods of its construction, including the 19th century which saw the birth of the Industrial Revolution. This museum also recounts the recent history of the city, among other things through a fine collection of puppets.

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Admission to the Rimbaud museum is combined with admission to the Maison des Ailleurs, both of which are dedicated to the genius of the Charleville’s adolescent poet.

Did you know?

As of the 17th century, Charleville was one of the arsenals of the kingdom. In 1812, the arms factory produced over 50,000 weapons a year and employed more than 1,700 workers. These weapons were used by La Fayette’s troops during the American war of independence.

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G - Walk

The Mont Olympe leisure area

Just a stone’s throw from Place Ducale, a small footbridge over the Meuse leads to the heart of a natural area dedicated to relaxation and leisure activities, organised around the city’s mooring station. There you can be sure of a holiday atmosphere!

Did you know ?

Needle weir

This type of dam can be used to reduce the flow of the river by using thin “needles”. The gatekeeper regulates the flow by removing or adding long poles. The Meuse is the only river on which this ancestral technique is still practised.  

Find out about this type of dam by following a narrow path along the Meuse, starting from the Mont Olympe leisure area.


The Mont Olympe leisure area links up with the “Trans-Ardennes” green track which follows the old towpath along the Meuse for over 80 kilometres.

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De Mont Olympe

The sleeper in the Valley

It’s a green hollow, where a river is singing
Crazily hanging on the grasses rags
Of silver; where the sun, from the proud mountain,
Is shinning: it’s a little valley bubbling with sunlight.

A young soldier, his mouth open, his head bare,
And the nape of his neck bathing in cool blue watercress,
Is sleeping; he is stretched out on the grass, under the skies,
Pale in his green bed where the light falls like rain.

Feet in the gladiolas, he is sleeping.Smiling like
A sick child would smile, he takes a nap:
Nature, rock him warmly: he is cold.

Fragrances do not make his nostrils quiver;
He sleeps in the sun, hand on the breast,
Peacefully. He has two red holes in his right side.


A fairly rare occurrence in the city, the camping of Charleville-Mézières is located two minutes walk from the city center and the aquatic center ...

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H - Event

The world marionette festival

The marionette (or puppet) established its reputation in Charleville-Mézières: the city is the reference point for this art dedicated to both the young and the not-so-young. Every two years, the World Festival of Marionette Theatres brings together 250 troupes, acclaimed by over 250,000 people! See you on September 2017.

Did you know?

The city is home to ESNAM, the National College of Marionette Arts, one of the few puppeteers’ schools in the world.

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I - Meet and savour

Charleville has good taste!

The carolo, a confectioner’s speciality of the city, crunchy ardoises (nougatine), terrines and other cold meats … to be savoured with the local beer produced by the Petite Brasserie Ardennaise established here.

A real delight!

The barge

On the Meuse, in Charleville-Mézières, you will meet Philippe, in the barge from Mawhot, a place where legends are lived and shared around a good beer.

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J - Reception and tourist information site

Tourist office of Charleville-Mézières et sa région

4 place Ducale - BP 229

08102 Charelville-Mézières cedex

Tél. : + 33 (0) 3 24 55 69 90

La vitrine des Ardennes

22-24 place Ducale - BP 419

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Tél. : + 33 (0) 3 24 56 06 08

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K - All aboard the 2CV!

The indestructible 2 CV ... Take a ride in a Citroen 'Deux Chevaux', the French motoring icon that symbolised low-cost, reliable motoring for over four decades.  Rétroscapade's 2CV will take you along the roads of the Thiérache region, over the Rocroi plateau and through the Meuse and Semoy valleys: for a day, a weekend, or a week, from the station of Rethel, as you wish, and for as long as you wish.  It's the ideal solution to explore the French Ardennes Regional Nature Park and discover the local gastronomy while you are about it.

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