Yvoir - Annevoie-Rouillon (The ruins of the medieval castle in Poilvache )

Sentries of war and charming residences overlook the banks of the Meuse in Yvoir. In the Middle Ages, Poilvache was an imposing fortress, daring to defy Dinant: consequently, the two tore each other to pieces…

À Annevoie

A - The gardens

Annevoie, Belgium’s only water garden, invites you to stroll through a permanent display where water flows, pours and gushes forth from the fountains and waterfalls that cover the gardens. In season: picking red fruits in the raspberry house, buying vegetables in the kitchen garden and discovering old rosebushes in the various borders ensure a superb day packed with enjoyment. The little ones will be delighted by a playground made entirely out of wood.

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Rue des Jardins,37
5537 Anhée
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