Bairon, Le Chêne, Neuville Day, Semuy, Voncq, Vouziers

À Bairon

A - The Bairon Lake leisure centre

Nothing has been forgotten when it comes to leisure and relaxation for families: beach with facilities, supervised bathing (in season), playground and picnic area, etc.

Camping du lac de Bairon
08390 Le chesne
Tel : 0033(0)3 24 33 57 83
Web :

À Neuville Day

B - The Day priory

The old cense of Mont-Dieu is called the ‘priory’. It was one of the forty censes (rented smallholdings belonging to the Carthusian monastery of Mont-Dieu) built on the site of the monks’ fermenting rooms in Day, a smallholding growing vines, with a press.
Worth exploring: its medieval cellars with bell-shaped vaults, on three levels, designed to preserve the wine throughout the production process, with each level kept at a different temperature.

08130 Neuville day
Tel : 0033(0)3 24 71 20 38


The owner offers tours, explaining their history.


The Day keep

Explore the priory, the keep and the castle of Neuville-Day.


Practical details

Distance: 10 km

Waymarking: green

Difficulty: easy

Time: 2 h

Start: Neuville-Day church


‘Walks along the ridges’ walking card available from all tourist offices and bookshops in the area.


À Neuville Day

C - A creative workshop

Catherine Mercier, jewellery maker since 1981, welcomes you to her workshop.

The materials she uses are worked with a blowtorch, in sculpted horn, with gold or silver finishes by electrolysis.
Each creation is unique, inspired by medieval times, Art Nouveau or fantasy.

À Voncq

D - The view from the village

À Vouziers

E - St Maurille’s Church and its Renaissance façade

A surprising church, thanks to its magnificent Renaissance gate with three porches, designed by the Champagne architect Jehan Laurens. The work was undertaken in 1517 following a period of prosperity, given the wish to build a big, beautiful church in Vouziers. But after the religious wars of the 16th century, the project was not completed. It was not until the 18th century that the gate was connected to the existing Gothic church, giving it its current atypical appearance.

Open all year round from Monday to Saturday – Tel. 03 24 71 97 57.

À Vouziers

F - Reception and tourist information site

Office de Tourisme de l'Argonne Ardennaise

10 place Carnot

Tél. 03 24 71 97 57

À Olizy-Primat

G - The Argonne, life-size

The Argonne Découverte Park is an animal paradise nestling in the heart of the vast Argonne Forest. Covering 13 hectares, it combines fun-filled activities with the famous ‘hamac à bonds’ (jumping hammocks) and the chance to explore the countryside with its wolves, vultures and storks. Gourmets will appreciate the restaurant ‘A la Cime des arbres’!


RD 946 - Bois de Roucy
08250 Olizy primat
Tel : 0033(0)3 24 71 07 38
Web :