Connection : Matagne-la-petite - Matagne-la-grande - Fagnolle

À Matagne

A - Information and services for cyclists

It is always a real pleasure to go and visit the little villages along the route.

Very pleasant rest areas have been provided along this stretch.  

À Matagne

B - A shared history

The history of these two villages, one large, one small, dates back to Roman times.

À Fagnolle

C - One of the most beautiful villages of Wallonia

Simply leave the track and go about 500 metres to find the picturesque village of Fagnolle.

Nestling against the side of a hill, this little village is built entirely of slate and limestone. Having retained its 18th-century uniformity, it is typical of a contiguous settlement.
The spaces are filled with farms and houses inhabited by labourers in the 19th century and by city dwellers thereafter.

Fagnolle is a lovely example of a typical adjoining village of the Namur Fens.

Exploring the village:

5600 Philippeville
Tel : 0032(0) 83 65 72 40
Web :

À Fagnolle

D - The ruins of the feudal castle

This private site is visible from the cycle path. It can be seen from the outside and is worth the detour.

Built on the initiative of the Counts of Hainaut, Fagnolles castle dates back to the 12th century, standing on a piece of land surrounded by moats and with a keep that was modernised in the 15th century.