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À Fumay

A - Information and services for cyclists

The green path leads to a pleasant marina where café terraces are dotted along the quays.

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Quai du port au blé

033 (0)3 24 41.10.34 - 0033 (0)6 30 65 25 79 (GSM)

Hire: mountain bike

Fumay railway station / train + bicycle formula

You can reach the railways station before entering Fumay, with easy, direct access from the green path.

À Fumay

B - Slate capital

Follemprise, Bellerose. Mine names that refer to the slate works, the schist plates which for centuries covered the roofs of houses: grey mirrors of a watery sky. While it made Fumay’s fortune, it also sent its sons, its women and its children down in the hell of the icy waters in the galleries. Their labour, slave labour, meant digging in the schist for 14 hours: in 1971, everything came to a halt…


The river port, from which the slates left, bound for all four corners of the earth, has now become a pleasant marina with café terraces dotted along the quays.

À Fumay

C - Terraltitude Park

Laid out on the site of the old Saint-Joseph slate quarry, this park has a great many activities for thrill seekers. The main attraction is the “fantasticable”, a giant flying fox or zip wire over a kilometre in length which, above the Meuse, can reach a speed of 130 km/h.

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08170 Fumay
Tel : 0033(0)3 24 57 57 59
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À Fumay

D - Reception and tourist information site

Office de Tourisme Val d'Ardenne Tourisme

Place du Château

08320 Vireux Wallerand

Tél. : +33 (0)3 24 42 92 42