Romedenne, Fagnolle

À Romedenne

A - Gambrinus Drivers Museum

The first and the only museum devoted to brewery trucks. Brewery transport collection (documentation, photos, trucks, toys, advertising) housed in a 19th century brewery-maltings.

À Fagnolle

B - The feudal castle

Built on the initiative of the Counts of Hainaut, since the 12th century Fagnolles Castle has stood on a piece of ground surrounded by moats, with a keep that was modernised in the 15th century.

The castle can not be visited

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À Vireux-Molhain

C - Vireux : the Roman camp

Historians consider Mont Vireux to be the missing link in a little-known period that has left few traces. This oppidum represents a time when the world moved from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages: humanity changed radically as a result.

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The site can be accessed free of charge throughout the year. Explanatory panels tell of the various peoples who have occupied the site down the centuries. A short educational guide is available from the tourist office.

À Vireux-Molhain

D - St Ermel’s collegiate church

This building is said owe its existence too Pepin the Short who passed through the region in 762. Some even claim that he was buried here. It is adorned with a series of tombstones, a decor and furniture representative of the Italian renaissance, some admirable polychrome wooden statues dating from the 16th century and a 17th reredos.

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À Vireux-Wallerand

E - The castle

This 18th-century castle, in the Classical Mosan style, was built by the local lord in 1714, set within a sumptuous park. (Monument close to the public).

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À Vireux-Wallerand

F - Reception and tourist information site

Office de Tourisme Val d'Ardenne Tourisme

Place du Château

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