À Han-sur-Lesse

A - The caves

Ever since the late 19th century, the caves of Han have delighted generations, children, parents and grandparents alike! Galleries stretching three kilometres reveal impressive cavities: the superb Minaret, the fascinating Mysterious Room, the sound and light show in the Chamber of Weapons or the gigantic Room of the Dome, with its new lighting system. The bowels of the earth are unveiled in rocky hangings.

Rue Joseph Lamotte,2
5580 Rochefort
Tel : 0032(0) 84 37 72 13
Web : http://www.grotte-de-han.be


As well as visiting the cave, you will be able to observe the occupants of the Ardennes forests on a trip through the wild animal reserve in Han-sur-Lesse.

New: walking trail to get even closer to the animals.

À Han-sur-Lesse

B - Walking

The 'Fond de Tion'

As soon as you set foot in Han-sur-Lesse, you realise that despite its fame, this is a small village, on a human scale. A little stone bridge takes you straight into the countryside. The plain is flooded with light: what a delight to follow this path to the ‘Fond de Tion’. A clearing reveals the panoramic view across the valley: sublime. The route continues towards the ridge and crosses a totally untamed area. Returning across the plain of light, the path becomes easier. The thought of waffles and hot chocolate tickles the palate as you approach the inns in the charming village of Han-sur-Lesse.

Practical details
Distance: 8 km
Waymarking: blue cross
Difficulty: average
Time: 3 h
Start: The walk begins at the wooden panel indicating the walks, opposite the church.

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'Rochefort and its villages' walking map.


The Han-sur-Lesse walk

A card giving details of the walk is also available in the brochure entitled ‘Roadbook, walks to explore villages of character: Rochefort, Marche-en-Famenne, Nassogne’.

> Free brochure from the tourist offices in the sector.

À Han-sur-Lesse

C - Reception and tourist information site

Office Royal du Tourisme de Han-sur-Lesse- www.valdelesse.be

À Belvaux

D - The chasm

Belvaux is surely one of the prettiest villages in the Lesse valley. The limestone houses, the old baker’s oven, the old mill and Saint Laurent’s chapel lend it a uniform architectural style. The village is known above all for its chasm where the river disappears below ground, resurfacing on the other side of the hill, at the so-called ‘Trou de Han-sur-Lesse’ or Hole of Han-sur-Lesse, at the entrance to the caves. This is the longest underground stretch of river in Europe. The walk heads towards the site. As you go alongside the river, you will be lulled by the gentleness of the scene. Upon entering the wood, the route starts to climb, overlooked by the majestic beech and oak trees of this nature reserve. At the summit, the path tumbles and gambols along the winding stream, following a fun-filled path. To return, the same pretty route brings you back towards Belvaux.

Did you know?

On 1 September 1818, the young Count Robiano de Borsbeck threw himself into the water of the Lesse in a barrel, at the entrance to the chasm. Caught up in a whirlpool, he was saved by farmers who pulled on the cord to which he was attached… This was the first ‘exploration’ of the chasm.

Practical details
Distance: 6 km
Waymarking: yellow cross
Difficulty: easy
Time: 2 h
Start: The walk begins at the wooden panel indicating the walks, opposite the church.

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'Rochefort and its villages' walking map.