Ciergnon – Houyet

À Ciergnon

A - The Walzin Castle

Between Rochefort and Houyet stand two imposing castles. 

One of these can be seen from the road leading to Ciergnon. This is Ciergnon Castle, or the Royal Castle of Ciergnon, used as a summer residence by the Belgian royal family.

The other is visible from the banks of the Lesse when you go down the river by kayak. This is Walzin Castle, one of the biggest in Belgium, built in the 11th century and perched on a rocky peak over 50 metres high, overhanging the winding Lesse.  Over the centuries, this eyrie has sealed off the lower valley of the river and one of the roads linking Dinant to France.

À Houyet

B - Kayaking down the Lesse

Twelve or 21 kilometres of wild countryside. A surprising route that winds and threads its way through countryside dotted with medieval castles, nature reserves, prehistoric caverns, and bold rocks, not to mention the two dams to be crossed – enjoyment and emotion guaranteed, in total safety! At the water’s edge, you can enjoy a cool drink or a bite to eat on one of the terraces along the river bank.