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Passionate about nature and in love with the forest, the Ardennes picked us from the heart from our first visit. Its mysterious mist of the early morning and the generosity of its inhabitants enveloped us. We did not think we were so charmed by this territory. The Ardennes is certainly surprising.

OUR expEriences

We've explored the natural spaces of the Ardennes from Hautes-Fagnes to Les Deux Ourthes Nature Park. The lakes, forests, winding rivers and magnificent viewpoints have offered us many moments of pure contemplation when time has simply stood still.


To us, the Ardennes forest is one of the region's best assets. It's also our favourite place to be. With its layers of mist, the sun's rays filtering through the canopy and the fungi covering the forest floor, we never get tired of observing every detail.



Ardennes, Nisramont lake
Ardennes, Hautes Fagnes