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From the Ardennes, I didn’t know much before I went there the first time. What a marvel to discover it! Its enchanting forests as far as the eye could see immediately seduced the wild-eyed rider that I am. I remain marked by the clear-dark games created by the light filtering through the trees: a magnificent spectacle offered by nature!

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Incredible countryside offering wide open spaces, animals to observe and activities to enjoy. I really loved exploring the vast playground of the Ardennes, the ideal place for nature lovers, fans of the great outdoors, and seekers of authenticity!

Hacking in the Ardennes

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I fell in love with the Great Forest of Saint-Hubert where I spent 4 days hacking. Exploring the beauty of nature on horseback, encountering wild animals, talking to people who love their region and relaxing in the evening with the comfortable hospitality of the guesthouses... What more could you wish for?