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When I was a child, I saw myself as a feminin version of Tintin, crossing the world in a 2CV with my dog. The Champenoise that I was, finally opted for a cat and could not resist the call of a powerful and natural centre of gravity: the Ardennes! French, Belgian, Luxembourgish… My own western. As an off-road freelance writer, I take on challenges, venture into uncharted territory, experiencing exciting experiences, meeting people on their own, with friends and family. Emotions are to share and to renew.

MY expEriences

You, parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts! Yes, you who are kept busy with the children and think you'll never get a moment's peace, or that you'll never see a smile on your teenager's face... follow me! I took my little tribe to test a few activities designed to change your mind and lift your spirits. Food fans, curious visitors, adventurers and nature lovers, whether you're looking for a relaxing time or an adrenalin rush, step this way. On donkey back, on the river or barefoot, there are hundreds of ways to enjoy the pastures and forests of the Ardennes. Magical memories waiting to be made.

I walked barefoot with the children
at Ferme de la Planche

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Children and animals at Ferme de la Planche



It's so difficult to choose one special favourite! There are so many ways to seize the moment and enjoy all that this land has to offer. The warm and friendly hospitality was amazing, wherever we went... The best way to start walking is to take the first step, right? So do it in alphabetical order, or choose your priorities according to distance, or to the number of slides, or the animals involved, or just let the elements guide you. Rain or shine... follow your instinct. Just one recommendation: before you decide, check on age limits in relation to certain activities.