Nat'Our hike at Vianden - Teddy Verneuil

One-day hikes

One-day hikes

Go on a one-day hike in the Ardennes. Whether you're looking for a route that blends culture and heritage, or simply one with beautiful landscapes and views, there's something for everyone! 

On the Art Trail in Condroz Famenne - Pierre Pauquay

Art Trails in Condroz Famenne


At the heart of the Condroz region, unusual and extraordinary hikes lead you to works of art installed in the countryside. One in particular, at Gesves, is worth a special trip. You follow paths through fields and meadows and you cross an abandoned quarry to explore the beautiful, bucolic Samson valley. The works of art dotted along the trail blend perfectly into their surroundings.

  Access: From the N4 motorway (Namur - Marche-en-Famenne), take the Gesves exit

  Level of difficulty: Moderate - Distance: 12km - Duration: 4h10

  Location: Gesves, Belgium


Art trails in Condroz Famenne

Our valley hike


From the valley of the River Our, you can enjoy one of the best views of Vianden castle. This one-day hike takes you along the Our valley past the castles at Vianden in Luxembourg and at Falkenstein in Germany. It's a particularly varied trail with so many climbs and descents you'd be forgiven for thinking you're in the Alps! Make sure you stop for  well-earned break or picnic on the shore of the Bivels lake before continuing along the trail.

Nat'Our hike, view of Vianden castle - Teddy Verneuil Nat'Our hike between Vianden and Falkenstein - Teddy Verneuil

  Access: From the Rue du Vieux Marché, near the cemetery in Vianden

  Level of difficulty: Difficult – Distance: 12.3km – Duration: 4h30

  Location: Vianden, Luxembourg


Nat’Our Route 5 hike 
Read the experience of our ambassador Teddy Verneuil

View of Bouillon - Pierre Pauquay Sedan castle - Pierre Pauquay Battle of Sedan memorial - Pierre Pauquay

The two castles hike


Two of the most impressive fortresses in Europe, Bouillon and Sedan, are located in the Ardennes, located around 20km apart. Why not walk from one to the other? Starting in Bouillon in Belgium, this hike follows the River Semois through thick forest, then crosses the frontier into France. In fact, you are walking along the former railway that linked Bouillon to Sedan! The landscape is a plateau. Then the trail drops down to Sedan and ends under the massive castle walls. A trail drenched in history!

  Access: Via the N85 to Bouillon

  Level of difficulty: Moderate - Distance: 22km - Duration: 7h30

  Location: From Bouillon in Belgium to Sedan in France


Two castles hike