Natural Park of the Attert Valley

Natural Park of the Attert Valley

Natural Park of the Attert Valley

The first natural park in the Province of Luxembourg, the Attert Valley Nature Park stretches between the Anlier forest on the Ardennes and the first cuesta of the Lorraine region with its sandy soil.

Natural Park of the Attert Valley

The park offers many walks



With the Attert, river that gave it its name, the Park presents varied landscapes, with rich fauna and flora. From sand quarries restored as natural reserves to marshes, the Park offers many walks, on foot or by bike to discover these rich environments.


The Park has in particular on its territory the village of Nobressart, one of the most beautiful of Wallonia. Blending built and natural heritage, forest and meadows, the Park offers a palette to suit all tastes.

Natural Park of the Attert Valley
Natural Park of the Attert Valley
Natural Park of the Attert Valley
Landscape in winter

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200 million years ago, during the secondary era, a teeming sea of ​​life covered the entire region. On several occasions, this sea deposited layers of sand, clay and limestone. In these layers of ground, we find today traces of this marine life and shores in the form of fossils. The territory of the Park is marked by this marine period and several quarries punctuate it, in which we find different fossils (gryphées, ammonites ...)


The Park symbol represents an ammonite, a marine cephalopod that roamed this region at that time.

flora in the natural park of Attert valley lanscape in the valley of Attert (c) Yannick Etienne

Even today, we find fossils from the marine past ...


Mushrooms, road to Luxeroth

The park in numbers

Area : 7095 ha
Numbers of natural protected sites: 3
Marked hiking trails: 12 circuits - 116 km
Tagged mountain bike trail: 4 circuits - 97 km (bike)
Specifics of natural environments: calcareous grass on dry sand, wet meadows, reed beds, relics of old alkaline low-marshes, sand quarry, sinemurian cuesta
Symbolic species: solitary bees, common kite, common crane, great murine, immortelle des sables, willow marsault, broadleaf orchis

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Natural Park of the Attert Valley, Voie de la Liberté 107, B-6717 Attert
Tel.: +32 (0) 63 22 78 55  (only in french)