Nature Park of the two Ourthes (c) Raymond Clément/PNDO

Nature Park

of the two Ourthes

Nature Park of the two Ourthes

Nature Park of the two Ourthes is based in the heart of the Ardennes, in the Province of Luxembourg, Belgium. 

Le Hérou, Nature Park of the two Ourthes (c) Raymond Clement

The Ourthe is born within the natural park

From the east and west, the two Ourthes are born and ride through meadows, along nature reserves or hiking and mountain biking trails. At the confluence, the Ourthe continues its way of meandering meander, lined with deep forests from which emerge remarkable rocky ridges.


Nature's lovers can find, beyond 500 meters high, some gratings cross moors and peat bogs of great biological interest. Extensive open lowlands complete the landscape. In this unspoilt nature, the villages have settled in the valleys and still have a beautiful built heritage.

Sunrise in Gouvy (c) Parc Naturel des Deux Ourthes
On the EscapArdenne (c) Parc Naturel des Deux Ourthes
Spider web / (c)Parc naturel des Deux Ourthes
Drift in the sun

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The logo of the two Ourthes Nature Park reflects different elements of its identity. The twin rivers travel the territory to the confluence; crossing a characteristic relief composed of a succession of hills, deep valleys, dense and steep forests and open landscapes on vast lowlands.


The human presence is added to these elements ... living, tourist, naturalist or simple passerby, each finds its place in this natural and preserved universe. As a little nod to nature, the majestic silhouette of the royal kite, returned after a few years of absence hovers softly in the sky.

Nature Park of the two Ourthes (c) Raymond Clément

Dozens of hiking routes

The park in numbers


The number of hectares: 76000 hectares, 6 communes, 22.000 inhabitants
Number of protected natural sites: 15% of the total territory is included in Natura 2000, 14 zones are in special conservation areas or special protection zones, 8 sites are classified as "natural heritage", 18 natural reserves, 6 state nature reserves and 1 wetland of biological interest
Number of landscape units: 3 landscape units (central Ardennes plateau, Upper Ourthe valley and Saint-Hubert high forest plateau)
Marked hiking trails: 10 circuits created by the Natural Park allow you to discover nature while strolling, 185 hiking trails on all 6 municipalities in the territory of the Natural Park, 3 circuits of Grande Randonnée (GR), a cross-border circuit called Escapardenne and the famous Transardennaise
Tagged mountain bike trails: 29 on the whole territory of the Natural Park
Specifics of natural environments: valleys, wetlands composed of moors and peat bogs, grassland plateau

Symbolic species: black stork, royal kite, honey buzzard, hazel grouse, corncrake, drosera, Tengmalm's owl, European nighthawk, muscardin, midwife toad, cranberry pearl, andromeda, cranberry,  arctic cordulia, rubicund leucorhine, crowberry, marsh narthecie, spotted orchis, may orchis.

Nature park of the two ourthes

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