La Ramonette

À La Ramonette

A - Information and services for walkers

The route leads down towards the site of Baimont mountain known as La Ramonette (a ‘ramon’ is a brush made of broom) or La Romanette, to create the impression of Gallo-Roman origins. This old watchtower surrounded by ditches and talus once fenced in, built to survey the town and citadel of Bouillon, offers a clear view over the river and its three bridges, the enfilade of the fortified castle stretching 330 metres and the listed houses dating from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Now we simply have to go back down to towards the city along the small, waymarked path No 10.

À Bouillon

B - Beautiful, hundred-year-old trees

Since 1906, a botanical arboretum has displayed dozens of indigenous and exotic species from the European, American and Asian continents, some of which are champions or vice-champions of Belgium in terms of height or circumference.