À Anhée

A - Walking

The Molignée valley, by bike, on foot or by draisine

A lovely RAVeL route links Anhée, on the edge of the Meuse, to Maredsous Abbey by bike. And here, one means of locomotion - the bicycle, follows another - the Molignée draisine or railbike, a flat-bottomed wagon which, like the bicycle, is propelled by the power of the calf muscles. It makes the most of this old railway line, the L150, which once carried stones from the limestone quarry. This new RAVeL is a green trench through the winding valley. It even passes beneath two tunnels. Be sure to follow this superb RAVeL route, which soon runs alongside the old Maredsous station, now a stopover that we warmly recommend. Bon appétit !

À Anhée

B - Reception and tourist information site

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