Bogny-Sur-Meuse (Four Sons of Aymon )

Nature has sketched out four slopes in Bogny-sur-Meuse that could resemble the never-ending ride of the four legendary knights.

À Bogny-sur-Meuse

A - Château Regnault mooring station (Bogny-sur-Meuse)

The mooring station of Bogny-sur-Meuse offers to the boaters, from april to october 72 meters of floating bridging bottom of the site of the 4 sons of Aymon.

This recent mooring station (2013), has a capacity of 12 boats

Electric sockets and water available

This city has some shops in front of the mooring station.

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À Bogny-sur-Meuse

B - 4 sons Aymon

The Ardenne is dotted with real or imaginary traces of the four rebellious brothers. What does it matter if the Geste took place in Montauban, Dinant or Bogny-sur-Meuse, the forest of the Ardenne was in fact to be their only refuge. In Bogny, the rocky ridge, set in stone, evokes the speed of the four brothers, fleeing the anger of Charlemagne. This outstanding site is accessible via a path through the wood leading to a panorama dominated by the statue of the four brothers, sought throughout Europe by Charlemagne’s army.

Enter the legend


From the site of the Four Sons of Aymon, a discovery trail runs along the ridges. Allow one hour to complete the loop.

À Bogny-sur-Meuse

C - The Hermitage Rock

The sorcerer Maugis was never very far from the Four Sons of Aymon. They built their landmark, Regnault Castle, on a rock spur. Opposite, the Hermitage Rock is said to have sheltered the hermit Maugis. It is guarded by the statue of the knight Dardennor which stands four metres high.

À Bogny-sur-Meuse

D - Metallurgy Museum

This unique museum explains the long and surprising history of ironwork in the Ardennes department from the last centuries of the Middle Ages to the present day.

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A ride by rosalie or pedal car, bicycle or tandem on the green track

Philippe and Graziella will welcome you

À Bogny-sur-Meuse

E - In the vicinity of Bogny-Sur-Meuse

Between Bogny sur Meuse and the village of Haulmé

Superb panoramic view over the Semoy valley and the typical village of Haulmé.

A picnic area has been laid out near the site.