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A - Brasserie des Fagnes

The Brasserie des Fagnes brewery has been making beer for over a century and a half. Visitors can experience its history as they freely learn about the production method: here you can enter one of the temples of Belgian beer. The brewing processes follow the rhythm of the seasons… So the beers are more fruity in spring, light and refreshing in summer and more amber in the autumn, with more body and taste, and more alcoholic in winter, with a tendency towards strong brown beers... The Master Brewer, Luc Piron, offers a range of Brassins Spéciaux or special brews with some surprising flavours: beer with nettle, with heather flower, with organic honey, and others…

Some of the beers are available only from the Brasserie des Fagnes. After brewing, fermentation and aging in tanks, they are transferred to storage tanks which are connected directly to the pumps in the tasting room. This is only place you will be able to taste them!

Route de Nismes,26
5660 Couvin
Tel : 0032(0) 60 31 39 19
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B - Mariembourg - The stronghold

This town is an old stronghold established in 1546 by Mary of Hungary, the sister of Charles V and Governor of the Netherlands, opposite the stronghold of Maubert-Fontaine, on French territory. In 1659, the Treaty of the Pyrenees made Mariembourg a French town. After a visit from Louis XIV, Vauban modified its fortifications. Integrated into the department of the Ardennes at the time of the Revolution, Mariembourg remained French in 1814. The town held out against 7,000 Prussian soldiers during a 32-day siege from 24 June to 30 July 1815, before rejoining the kingdom of the Netherlands.  

Although the star-shaped geometric street plan has been retained, the ditches and fortifications were razed in 1853.

Place Marie de Hongrie
5660 Couvin
Tel : 0032(0) 60 39 03 79

À Mariembourg

C - The steam railway

The Three Valleys Steam Railway is one of the most beautiful ‘museum networks’ in Europe. Go back in time aboard an authentic steam train and travel through the ‘Three Valleys’ to see incredible landscapes. Leaving from Mariembourg, the train goes through Nismes, Olloy/Viroin and Vierves to reach Treignes, the last station before the French border.

Length of visit: 40 minutes by steam train and 30 minutes by rail car.

Chaussée de Givet,49
5660 Couvin
Tel : 0032(0) 60 31 24 40
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À Mariembourg

D - Reception and tourist information site

Syndicat d'initiative de Mariembourg

Place Marie de Hongrie, 1 - 5660 Mariembourg