Alle, Rochehaut, Frahan, Corbion

À Poupehan

A - Canoeing & kayaking: practical information

Landing and boarding:

Village of Poupehan

- Area at the bridge of  Poupehan (quay under the bridge, right bank)

Village of Frahan

- Area at the footbridge (left bank)

- Area called Aire des Crêtes (left bank)

À Frahan

B - Walking. The ridges of Frahan

This walk follows the ridge of Frahan, on the banks of the Semois. Here, you find yourself at the centre of a tableau: the village is without doubt one of the loveliest scenes in the valley. The path criss-crosses a beautiful forest, scattered with piles of rocks and stunted vegetation. Roots twist and coil among the rocks: mineral and vegetal combine along this vertiginous path. As you go up, you will discover rocks forming natural or artificial walls. This superb site may lie on a rocky spur, but an imposing fortress nevertheless had to be built there…

Make sure you are properly equipped! Hiking shoes are strongly recommended!


Practical details

Distance: 3.5 km

Waymarking: red diamond, walk No 88

Difficulty: average

Time: 2 h

Start: the walk follows the narrow path opposite Les Roches Fleuries hotel in Frahan. Return via the road alongside the barbeque on the edge of the Semois.

Did you know?

Work is said to have started on the construction of the fortified castle in Montragut well before the time of Godfrey, here where you are walking across these slippery stones. The inaccessibility of the spot and the difficulty of completing the construction got the better of this fortress, which died at birth. Nature cannot be challenged to that extent…

À Poupehan

C - Reception and tourist information site

Section locale du RSI de Bouillon

chemin de la Rochette, 32 - 6830 Poupehan

+32 (0)61/51.39.94

Open from 1st April to 30rd September from 9am tot midday and from 2pm to 5pm.

À Rochehaut

D - Reception and tourist information site

Syndicat d'initiative de Rochehaut-Frahan-Laviot

rue du Palis, 26 - 6830 Rochehaut

+32 (0)477/48.56.52

À Corbion

E - Reception and tourist information site

Section locale du RSI de Bouillon

ruelle Lolette, 13 - 6838 Corbion

+32 (0)61/25.01.00