À Montcornet

A - The ‘Coliseum of the Middle Ages’

Mont Cornu is a stone colossus that rivalled the power of the fortress in Bouillon. Although the entrance to the castle demonstrates humility, as you make your way around its contours on foot, Montcornet reveals the full extent of its power.

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11 Terre Cadet
08090 Montcornet
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The ‘Seigneurs de Croy’ or Lords of Croy circuit reveals the capacity of the fortress to withstand attack. At the end of the walk, the path runs alongside Montcornet, dotted with explanatory panels.


Practical details

Distance: 4 km

Waymarking: pink rectangle

Difficulty: easy

Time: 1.20 h

Start: from the church car park, go towards the stadium.

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Topo guide on sale at the Rocroi tourist office.

Topo guide, Les Ardennes à pied (The Ardennes on foot), published by the French Hiking Federation. Walk No 2