Anchamps (Anchamps )

Picturesque little Ardennes village on the banks of the Meuse, nestling in a green setting.

This village is also a land of legend – the legend of Roland’s stone.

À Anchamps

A - Halte fluviale

À Anchamps

B - Anchamps - Roland’s Stone

Pierre Roland or Roland’s Stone between Anchamps and Laifour is a pyramid-shaped blockon the left bank. It could be used as a landmark for boatmen. It also has its own legend.


As he passed through the Ardennes on his way to fight the Saxons further north, Roland, the devout Christian knight, nephew of Charlemagne, was caught in an ambush set by Satan.  

The devil hurled a huge rock at Roland who was on a path along the Meuse between Laifour and Anchamps.

Roland, having seen the danger, drew his sword, Durandal, and split the rock in two!

One part fell into the Meuse and the other landed at his feet; and there it still lies today, on the bank of the Meuse, like a menhir...