Florenville, Herbeumont, Bertrix, Neufchâteau, Libramont (Florenville, Herbeumont, Bertrix, Neufchâteau, Libramont )

À Florenville

A - Church of Our Lady of the Assumption

Its belvedere and its bell tower with 48 bells are accessible if you climb 220 steps! It’s worth the effort, because the view from up there is truly outstanding.

Guided visit for group on request (M. Hissette: +32 (0)61/31 35 89).

Esplanade du Panorama, 1
6820 Florenville
Tel : 0032(0) 61 31 12 29
Web : www.florenville.org

À Florenville

B - The landscape interpretation centre

The beauty spot, seen from the Tourist Office, is an extraordinary book opening up onto the Gaume Lorraine. It provides the keys to unlock the region’s secrets and all its riches.

About the landscape interpretation centre

Esplanade du Panorama, 1
6820 Florenville
Tel : 0032(0) 61 31 12 29
Web : www.cip-lorraine-gaumaise.com

À Chameleux

C - Meet and savour

‘Le Chameleux’

The local bistro, ‘Le Chameleux’, lies in a green setting at the heart of the vast Orval forest. Its recipes have been passed down through four generations. The speciality of the house is trout, an absolute delight. And then there’s the famous vinaigrette, enhanced by the personal touch of the chef, who also holds the coveted Ambassadeur d’Orval label! Because every year, the Ambassadeur d’Orval is awarded by the famous abbey to the cafés and restaurants that best meet the criteria of Presence, Service and Creativity. Lying opposite a lake and the ruins of an old Gallo-Roman staging post on the Reims-Trèves road, built in 45 BC under the reign of the Emperor Claudius, ‘Le Chameleux’ has a spacious, peaceful, sunny terrace. It is also the starting point for several forest walks, as well as a short after-dinner stroll to the tiny, picturesque French village of Williers, perched on a spur barred by a wall, no doubt built in Celtic or Roman times. This village, with its single, widening street, is well worth a visit.

Rue Fond Sainte-Anne 20/21
6940 Durbuy
Tel : 0033(0)86322119-
Web : http://www.ardennes-online.com


From the ‘bistrot de terroir’, enjoy an amazing walk in the great Gaume forest. Why not continue as far as Orval Abbey on foot, approaching this great church from a different angle.


Practical details

Distance: 11.5 km

Waymarking: blue diamond

Difficulty: average

Time: 3 hrs

Start: in the hamlet of Chameleux, start at the Gallo-Roman camp.

À Florenville

D - Les Chocolats d’Edouard

With a prior booking, it is possible to visit the chocolate-maker’s workshop and even spend time in his company and help him with his work.

place Albert Ier, 36
6820 Florenville
Tel : 0032(0) 61 50 29 72-
Web : www.leschocolatsdedouard.be

À Florenville

E - Tourist reception site

La Maison du tourisme du Pays de la Semois entre Ardenne & Gaume

Esplanade du Panorama, 1 - 6820 Florenville

+32 (0)61/31.12.29



Open all year round

Low season : from 9am to 6pm (from 10am to 4 pm Sunday)

July ang August and Easter holidays : every day from 9am to 7pm and each Friday from April to October

Closed 25th December and 1st January

À Chassepierre

F - Walking

The Daviha tour along the Semois

Imagine a charming village bordered by peacefully flowing river. Welcome to Chassepierre!

The Daviha tour walk explores the area around the village. From Chassepierre, this route crosses a pretty bridge over the Semois. Here, you will not meet any traffic. It’s as if time stands still: so don’t hesitate to stop at one of the many picnic benches dotted along the walk and delve into your bag of cheese and sausage. Take your time: coming to Chassepierre is a chance to recharge your batteries. Every year, this village of artists hosts a street festival that is unique in Europe.


Practical details

Distance: 5 km

Waymarking: yellow diamond

Difficulty: easy

Time: 2 hr

Start: just after the centre of the village, towards Sainte-Cécile, cross the Semois bridge.

Did you know?

At the base of the church, a footbridge leads you to the Fairies’ Cave (Trou des Fées), the entrance to an underground landmark that is said to lead to Carignan in Meuse.

À Sainte-Cécile

G - Walking

The Muno RAVeL

Breathe in the smell of hay and wild flowers borne along by a warm breeze as you cycle along this lovely green path between Sainte-Cécile and Muno, a remote village at the gates of France.

The more daring among you may want to continue along the waymarked route towards Jamoigne, enjoying the narrow roads of Gaume, passing through Chassepierre, Florenville and Moyen.


Practical details

Distance: 8 km

Difficulty: easy

Time: 1 hr

Start: the RAVel starts in Sainte-Cécile, on the other side of the N 83.


À Herbeumont

H - The Priory of Conques

Standing alone in the midst of the forests of Herbeumont and Sainte-Cécile, the prior nestles in an old arm of the Semois: an idyllic spot chosen by the Cistercian monks of Orval to build a monastery. In the Middle Ages, the rugged terrain made it impossible to grow crops there. So the monks made use of the surrounding forest. The community lived in peace until 1795. Fleeing the revolutionaries, the monks owed their lives to the Semois which they forded to escape into the forest. After standing abandoned for over half a century, the priory is now a luxurious hostelry.


The ‘Vanne aux Moines’

The ‘Vanne aux Moines’ is one of those secret places that only hikers on foot are likely to discover…This dam was built by the Cistercian monks at the Priory of Conques, enabling them to make the most of the river teeming with fish.

Tip and access

At the end of the day, the sun lights up this corner. The shades of the river vary from blue to phosphorescent green. It’s like standing in front of an impressionist painting. From the crossroads with the route de Sainte-Cécile, follow the path down towards the Semois. You may well come across the local master, the wild boar…


Practical details

Distance: 7 km

Waymarking: green rectangle

Difficulty: average

Time: 3 hrs

Start: from the old railway station, go straight ahead. Cross the viaduct on foot and follow the waymarking signs in the car park on the right, as you leave the viaduct.

À Herbeumont

I - The ruins of Herbeumont castel

The quiet village of Herbeumont lies in the shadow cast by the ruins of a once powerful fortress: the imprint of its tumultuous past can still be felt. This superb region will prompt you to look out your thick boots!

Did you know?

In the 16th century, fortified castles had to be completely redesigned due to the advent of artillery. The fortress of Herbeumont was no exception. The ramparts were adapted to hold cannons and new towers were erected, but they proved no more than paper tigers. The artillery sent by Louis XIV soon got the better of the walls, no matter how powerful they were. The destiny of Herbeumont, like that of many other fortified castles, was sealed before its time. This period also witnessed the end of the feudal system. Henceforth, the towns took over. The law of the middle classes and the traders now held sway. Humanity was entering a new age…

À Herbeumont

J - Walking

The Knight’s Tomb

One day, Herbeumont is bathed in the lovely light of a summer evening. Capering about among the broad-leaved trees, the route suddenly reveals the panoramic view over Libaipire. In the distance, the Knight’s Tomb emerges, a headland encircled by the tight meanders of the Semois. A land of lords, watched over by the silhouette of the fortress of Herbeumont, blending into the landscape.


Practical details

Distance: 8 km

Waymarking: red triangle

Difficulty: average

Time: 3 hrs

Start: just after the Priory of Conques, follow the N 684 for 250 metres towards Sainte-Cécile. The path starts on the left.

Did you know?

Just this once, the hike begins by following the old railway line. A line built at a time when engineers where not scared off by difficulties due to the terrain. As can be seen by the impressive crossing over the viaduct whose seven arches span the Semois, 38 metres below.

À Herbeumont

K - Air-Beumont

This European private pilot will take you to explore the region from above, starting from the aerodrome in Douzy (Sedan) or in Herbeumont and flying over the southern part of the province, the Semois valley, Gaume, etc. Come and discover the splendours of the Ardennes a different way...

24 rue Champs simon
6887 Herbeumont
Tel : 0032(0) 47 82 29 066
Web : www.air-beumont.be

À Herbeumont

L - Meet and savour

‘Au Randonneur’

It’s wonderful to warm up after an autumn walk by the wood fire in the local bistro, ‘Au Randonneur’! Brigitte and Georges serve regional produce. Some evenings, the bistro hosts private concerts or poetry readings for its guests. Because… you have to earn the Bistrot de Terroir! To obtain this label, the establishment has to fulfil a number of criteria, ranging from the welcome it offers to the tourist information provided and, of course, the quality of the local produce served. So after an exhilarating walk, ‘Au Randonneur’ is just the place to spend time in a wonderfully friendly atmosphere, savouring the specialities of the region. Don’t hesitate to question your hosts. True ambassadors of the region, they will be delighted to tell you about the local produce!

À Mortehan

M - The old cemetery

It is sometimes difficult to describe the feelings aroused by sites like these. The old cemetery in Mortehan carries visitors into another world. The tombstones bewitch us in the early hours, when vapours rise from the Semois and pervade the area.

Access: The cemetery is hidden from the view of the living. At the little church, follow the road that goes down towards the river. The cemetery lies behind the shale houses.

À Cugnon

N - Walking

The Mill and the trellis bridge

Walking in the Semois valley when spring comes is delightful! The banks of the river are scattered with thousands of flowers. On the way to the bridge lies the beautiful Mortehan mill: at dawn, its wheel still stirs the waters of the race. Down below, the Semois valley lazily criss-crosses a vast meadow, rich in the river’s alluvial deposits. With the beginnings of warm weather, we can cross the Semois ford on foot, once the only way for the people of the valley’s villages. In season, a trellis bridge is thrown across the water. On the other side, a delightful route ascends the slope. The forest is majestic, as are all the massifs that encircle the Semois.


Practical details

Distance: 9 km

Waymarking: walk No C1.

Difficulty: average

Time: 3 hrs

Start: from Cugnon, go towards Mortehan.

The walking map 'Auby - Cugnon - Mortehan - Bertrix - Herbeumont - Saint-Mard - Straimont' is available in the following tourist centers :

- Maison du tourisme du Pays de Bouillon

Tel: +32 (0) 61/46.52.11
Email : info@bouillon-tourisme.be

- Syndicat d'initiative de Bertrix-Semois

Tel: +32 (0) 61/41.43.92
Email : sibertrix@skynet.be

- Syndicat d'initiative de Bertrix-Semois

Tel: +32 (0) 61/41.24.40
Email : sicugnonx@skynet.be

- Syndicat d'initiative d'Herbeumont

Tel: +32 (0) 61/41.24.12
Email : rsih@skynet.be

À Cugnon

O - Reception and tourist information site :

Le Syndicat d’initiative de Bertrix-Semois, place de Cugnon , near the church

À Bertrix

P - Walking

The Way of the Speaking Stones 

The disused Bertrix-Herbeumont-Muno line was built between 1902 and 1914. It does not include any level crossings, just tunnels and viaducts. The line was used by the Germans during World War One to supply their troops as far as Verdun... The portion of the line from Bertrix to Herbeumont has now become a pleasant walk, the ‘Way of the Speaking Stones’. Along the route, informative panels describe the riches of the Bertrix region acquired thanks to the slate industry. The walk starts at the esplanade of the old station.

À Bertrix

Q - At the heart of the slate

Equipped with helmets and audio guides, visitors are ready for an amazing journey into the bowels of the earth. The atmosphere in this old slate mine is captivating. Visitors are immersed in the world of those courageous miners of yesteryear. During the descent, they learn about the techniques used to extract this black stone, which was to be used in many buildings, including a number of abbeys. Emerging from this dark universe, they can well imagine the joy felt by the labourers when they saw daylight again after a hard day’s work.

Our favourite: the gourmet mine, where a meal is served at a depth of 25 metres underground!

rue du Babinay, 1
6880 Bertrix
Tel : 0032(0) 61 41 45 21
Web : www.aucoeurdelardoise.be

À Bertrix

R - Tourist reception site

Syndicat d’Initiative de Bertrix

place des Trois Fers, 12 - 6880 Bertrix

+32 (0)61/41.43.92



Open :

In July and August from Monday to Saturday from 10am tot 5pm

During the rest of the year, open everyday except on Sunday, variable schedule (closed from midday to 1.30pm)

À Libramont

S - The Museum of the Celts

So where do these clichés that give the Celtic people such an uncivilised image come from?

The Ardennes region was part of Belgian Gaul, the land whose warriors were praised by Caesar for their bravery, having made life so difficult for the invincible legions of Rome. He admired the richness of their civilisation, which still permeates our regions today. Talking of things of the table, the Gauls invented cold meats and gladly drank beer, which they preferred to wine. The Gauls venerated springs and peaks and their divinities were often accompanied by animals, like the Christian saints who succeeded them. Pushing open the door to the Museum of the Celts, small in size but great in the wealth of information it contains, you will immerse yourself with delight in the fascinating world of our ancestors, from whom we have inherited a great deal of knowledge and know-how. Don’t miss the inspiring and mysterious Celtic fortification called Cheslé, just to the north of Bérismenil.


rue Rachamps 28
6600 Bastogne
Web : www.lebocageardennais.be

À Libramont

T - Event

The agricultural fair

On the last weekend on July every year since 1930, draught horses, cattle, farming machinery and other local products reign supreme in Libramont on a site covering 300,000 m2.

The largest European fair of its kind, for those in the know ‘Libramont’ is a real showcase of rural life, depicting a thousand and one facets of this world in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The Ardenne Joyeuse, a section of the fair reserved for high-quality local products, is a reality at the heart of the agricultural demonstrations (held every year) and the forestry demonstration (one year in two).

These few days also raise awareness of the extraordinary human and natural riches which we should continue to preserve and cherish.

This year the apicultural fair takes place from 28th to 31st of July.

À Neufchâteau

U - The Lake valley

In an enchanting, pastoral setting, the site of the Lake valley is an invitation to sprawl out.

It is one of those places nestling at the heart of a green setting which, lit up by the slightest ray of sunshine breaking through, arouses a sense of wonder.

A wide range of leisure activities are on offer: the more athletic can go kayaking or play beach volley, while others may prefer to tease trout in the peaceful, restorative atmosphere of the lake.

The fish fountain, a work by the artist Jean-Michel Folon, brings a little touch of emotion to this charming corner of the Ardennes.

À Neufchâteau

V - Meet and savour - The ‘Ferme des Sanglochons’

But what is this animal?

Also known as a cochonglier, this breed was a hybrid, half sow, half wild boar. In the late 19th century, pig breeding in enclosures led to the extinction of the species. Now reintroduced by the ‘Ferme des Sanglochons’, its meat is a delight for Ardennes cuisine.

Learning about the techniques of salting and smoking and how sausages are produced makes the mouth water!

Visitors can have something to eat in this friendly place labelled a ‘local produce bistro’ and take away some regional products to enjoy at home.


Tronle 969
6680 Bertogne
Web : www.gite-lebaty.be

À Neufchâteau

W - Tourist reception site:

Maison du Tourisme du Pays de la Forêt d'Anlier

Moulin Klepper

rue du Moulin, 12 - 6840 Neufchâteau

+32 (0)61/21.80.05



Open every day from 1st July to 31st Augustus from 9am to 6 pm.

rest of the year : open from Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 6 pm, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays : from 10am to 5.30pm

Office du tourisme de Neufchâteau

Tél. : +32 (0)61/27.86.98



À Libramont

X - Reception and tourist information site

Office du tourisme de Libramont

place Communale, 8 - 6800 Libramont

Tél. : +32 (0)61/27.04.82


Open :

All year round from Monday to Friday from 8am to midday and from 1pm to 4.30pm.

During Christmas holiday, weekend and other school holidays from 8am to midday

Closed public holiday, Ascension Friday, 2nd January, 2nd November, 15th November, 26th December