À Oignies-en-Thierache

A - Information and services for cyclists

From Oigny-en-Thiérache, you can follow the cycle path again to the commune of Fumay and the Trans-Ardennes green path.

Along the way, be sure not to miss the geographic centre of the 15-member Europe.

À Oignies-en-Thierache

B - Oignies-en-Thierache - The village in the clearing

Once known for its slates, today Oignies-en-Thiérache is a pretty village with about 800 inhabitants, set in a clearing, nestling in a green setting at the heart of the great Ardennes forest.

The green belt around the village is almost seven kilometres wide, stretching as far as Olloy to the north, the little French town of Fumay to the south and the Meuse valley to the east.

Perched at an altitude of 365 metres, Oignies is the highest and southernmost village of the Viroinval entity.

À Oignies-en-Thierache

C - The Geographic Centre of the 15-member Europe

To the left of the road that takes you from Oignies toward Fumay lies the symbol of European Unity, a star created in granite cobblestones. At the centre of the star stands the ‘Cathedral of Light’, a work in glass by Bernard Tirtiaux. Each ray of the star represents a country and its length is proportional to the country’s date of accession to the European Union.