À Haybes

A - Information and services for cyclists

Hire points:

Maison des Randonnées

Relais accueil VTT
50 rue Dromart

Tel. : 03 24 41 02 75

Location de VTT, VTC, tandems, remorques enfants.

Aventure Évasion

RN 51 - Tel. : 03 24 40 44 45

Location avec encadrement – Groupes et individuels – Sur reservation.


7 rue du 24 aout

Tel. : 06 82 22 76 59

Location de gyropodes

Certified accommodation:

The facilities available from these service providers include a secured bicycle shelter, an area equipped to clean bicycles, etc.

Hôtel-Restaurant « Le Saint-Hubert »

47 rue Andre Cunin

Tel. : 03 24 41 11 38


Hôtel-Restaurant « le Robinson »

75 rue Mme de Cormont

Tel. : 03 24 41 11 73


Gite de groupe « Le Clos Belle Rose »

9 place de la Charite

Tel. : 06 30 48 44 51


Gite – hébergement de groupe

Gite La Fuste Ardennaise

Route Madame de Cormont

08170 Haybes

Tél.: 03 24 41 87 80

Tél2.: 06 88 12 31 54

Email : muccilli.joseph@laposte.net

Site : www.chaletahaybesenardennes.sitew.fr/

CLIP de Moraypre

23 rue du 24 aout

Tel. : 03 24 41 26 78

Camping Municipal de Haybes

Rue du 24 Août

Tél : 03 24 41 11 36 ou 03 24 41 14 54

Site : www.haybes.fr


23 Rue du 24 août
08170 Haybes
Tel : 0033(0)3 24 41 14 54
Web : http://www.haybes.fr

Haybes-sur-Meuse railway station / train + bicycle formula

The railway station is opposite the stopping place on the river; simply cross the bridge from the green path to reach it.

À Haybes

B - Haybes-la-Jolie

Also known as ‘Haybes-la-Rose’ or ‘Haybes-la-Jolie’, Haybes is a delightful place. The roofs tinted with pink or blue and the charming square in front of the town hall, as well as the nearby forest…. an entire heritage, be it architectural or natural, contributes to the special nature and the beauty of this commune.

À Haybes

C - Walking

The slate and legends circuit

Fumay had 50 slate quarries: the mountain looked like a Gruyère cheese. Along the path of legends and slate, the charming Mohron stream cannot erase the memory of what this valley once was. The blue and violet mosaics created by the remains of sheets of slate sparkle at our feet: this starry path leads us to the heart of this story of slate extraction. Just after the schist bridge, a huge, narrow passageway on the bank of the Mohron forms a gaping hole. This is the entrance to a mine. As soon as you enter, the humidity and the cold go right through you. Approaching Haybes, La Platale beauty spot catches the eye. The slag heaps, loaded with black stones, are frozen like petrified monsters.


Just after the Moulin Labotte hotel and restaurant, the Fond d’Oury gallery lights up as you pass by.

Practical details

Distance: 6 km

Waymarking: red with logo

Difficulty: average

Duration: 2h

Start: From the Maison de la Randonnée in Haybes, follow the road that leads to the Moulin Labotte hotel and restaurant

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To go further afield

Topo guide, The Ardennes on foot, published by the French Hiking Federation. Walk No 14

Did you know?

On 24 August 1914, the German army crossed Belgium, pushing through the Ardenne and wiping out every pocket of resistance. In Haybes, a massacre occurred: 52 civilians were shot and the martyred city was burnt. The ‘département’ endured four years of occupation.

À Haybes

D - Reception and tourist information site

Office de Tourisme Val d'Ardenne Tourisme

Place du Château

08320 Vireux Wallerand

Tél. : +33 (0)3 24 42 92 42