À Vireux-Wallerand

A - Information and services for cyclists

Hire points:

Relais accueil VTT

34 rue Gambetta

Tel. : 03 24 32 74 49 – 03 24 41 50 00

Certified accommodation:

The facilities available from these service providers include a secured bicycle shelter, an area equipped to clean bicycles, etc.

Chateau et gites « Domaine Le Risdoux »

Lieu-dit Le Risdoux

Tel. : 03 24 40 80 82

Bed and breakfast « Le Repos du Berger »

La Causerie des Lilas

Tel. : 06 78 94 21 69

Bed and breakfast « Le Clos du Puits »

48 rue du General Sarrail

Tel. : 03 24 41 87 10

Vireux-Molhain railway station / train + bicycle formula

The railway station is in Vireux-Molhain, about 200 metres from the green path. Cross the bridge to reach it.

À Vireux-Molhain

B - Vireux : the Roman camp

Historians consider Mont Vireux to be the missing link in a little-known period that has left few traces. This oppidum represents a time when the world moved from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages: humanity changed radically as a result.

Guided tours of the camp / tourist office / groups / reservation.

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08320 Vireux molhain
Tel : 0033(0)3 24 42 92 42
Web :


The site can be accessed free of charge throughout the year. Explanatory panels tell of the various peoples who have occupied the site down the centuries. A short educational guide is available from the tourist office.

À Vireux-Molhain

C - St Ermel’s collegiate church

This building is said owe its existence too Pepin the Short who passed through the region in 762. Some even claim that he was buried here. It is adorned with a series of tombstones, a decor and furniture representative of the Italian renaissance, some admirable polychrome wooden statues dating from the 16th century and a 17th reredos.

Guided tours of the site / tourist office / groups / reservation

À Hierges

D - Meet and savour

La Causerie des Lilas

At the foot of the castle and in the heart of the medieval village of Hierges, this restaurant offers dishes created using local produce and an indescribable atmosphere


30 rue Roger Renard
08320 Hierges
Tel : 0033(0)3 24 41 10 51

À Vireux-Wallerand

E - Reception and tourist information site

Office de Tourisme Val d'Ardenne Tourisme

Place du Château

08320 Vireux Wallerand

Tél. : +33 (0)3 24 42 92 42

À Hierges

F - The castle of Hierges

In the vicinity - HIERGES. The castle

Its paved streets blend in with the stone houses: Hierges is without doubt one of the loveliest  villages in the Ardenne. Forming a backdrop, the castle, erected in the 9th century, became a Mosan Renaissance castle in the 16th century, characterised by its red bricks and blue stones. It was destroyed during the French Revolution. On the other side of the nearby roundabout, the pretty village of Aubrives on the Meuse is worth a brief visit…

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08320 Hierges
Tel : 0033(0)3 24 41 75 94


From the entrance to the village, a path runs along the walls of the huge fortress. Return via the 13th-century mill and the village centre.

Guided tours of the castle / tourist office / groups / reservation.

Did you know?

This Mosan-style castle is an exact copy of Beauraing Castle in Belgium.