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Pierre Joris-Demy

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Alone, we go faster

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Spa-Francorchamps, more than just a legend

You know that feeling, when the engine revs between your legs and the adrenalin starts pumping, giving you that wonderful sensation that life is perfect at last!

With the summer season comes the desire to make the most of the great outdoors. At work, several of us are motor racing fans who get together now and again to share our passion. I think we all agree that it'd be selfish of us not to get our colleagues involved. So that's what we did! Melanie, our team-building specialist, put together an excursion for us that we weren't going to forget in a hurry!


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 An intense experience on a legendary track!

Burning rubber at the start line
Let the race begin

A start line of legends

At 6 pm, the sun was peeping at us from behind the clouds, caressing our faces with its warm evening rays. A few drops of rain fell just to cool us off. A gently biting wind made our bodies shiver.

The whole team were there, ten of us, the department's ten bravest members ready to give it a try. This evening, the world's best race track was all ours.

In a dip in the Ardennes forest that surrounds it, the karting track was about to provide some intensely thrilling moments.

Safety first!

After dealing with the administrative details, the instructor reminded us of the basic driving and safety rules.

We put on our gear and we were ready. Our karts were waiting on the track. One by one, we climbed into our allocated vehicles.

Racing neck and neck

A tough race with wheels touching

Tension built and the adrenalin was there, ready to do its job.

With short breaths, narrowed eyes, racing hearts and hands tight on the wheel, we waited for the signal.

Suddenly the flag fell and our accelerators hit the floor!

We were off, launched into a mad race as the tension dissipated and left us with nothing but pleasure. Neck and neck, we battled it out for first place.

After two quarter-hours of competition, the results were clear: smiles of satisfaction with this shared experience.

Out in front on the Spa-Francorchamps karting track
A raging race
Colleagues hot on my heels

Rewarded for our efforts!

The most adventurous among us spent the rest of the evening a few minutes from Spa at Liege’s Carré neighbourhood, the place to be for a night out.


Want to try the experience yourself?

Full details at www.francorchamps-karting.be


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