thermal baths of spa

The thermal baths of Spa,

a haven of peace and relaxation

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A massage session to free the mind and boost energy levels before we take to the road again.


The thermal baths of Spa

A haven of peace and relaxation

7 mins OF ESCAPE

Today, I've decided to treat myself and my beloved to a whole day of relaxation and wellbeing. So we head for the thermal baths at Spa. On the way, I'm captivated by the natural beauty of this region, passing by in hues of green. Suddenly we're there! The centre blends perfectly into the woodland setting that we've just come through.  And it promises not to disappoint. As soon as we enter this soothing place, we notice that the emphasis is on water and its health-giving properties. A fountain invites us to taste the ferruginous waters from the different springs of the town of Spa. My partner tries one and is surprised by its bitter taste. We go to the changing rooms and emerge in white bathrobes and slippers, ready to be pampered!


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Immersion in a copper bathtub, then a good book
Our relaxing escape begins with a hot bath treatment. We're shown to a private room where two copper bathtubs stand side by side, inviting us for twenty minutes of intense relaxation in hot carbonated water from the Marie-Henriette spring. We climb in and time stops. We're under the spell of these bubbles fit for a king. We emerge feeling serene and purified by the sumptuous combination of iron and copper. Our skin is soft, our minds sedated, and we'd now like to lie down for a few minutes of calm. We find the loungers in a room lit by natural daylight with a stunning view over the surrounding countryside. I make the most of this precious time to do a little reading in total serenity.

We emerge from this relaxation paradise feeling as if we've learned to breathe again.

An original tour, between sauna, hammam and relaxation room

We can choose between the textile and naturist facilities at the thermal baths. We decide to keep our swimsuits on for the sauna. I sit on the wooden bench and my companion lies on her towel. In this closed space, the heat is dry and intense, but it isn't oppressive at all. We're captivated, soothed by the rhythm of our own breathing for ten minutes or so. Afterwards, we take the inevitable cold shower!

spa thermal baths sauna spa thermal baths hammam

We're now rearing to go and decide to pop to Morocco. The hammam is very popular and we have to search for a space. In an atmosphere of respectful silence, everyone enjoys a degree of privacy, hidden by the pleasantly warm vapours of the hammam. This is when I let go, meditating, alone within my spiritual self. After a while, discreetly, we leave the room.

A door catches our eye. We check it out, fortunately, as it leads to a relaxation area featuring blue light and a delicious orange fragrance. Our white bathrobes reflect the light as we lie down on the loungers. This special place appeals to all the senses with its soothing light, fruity fragrance and soft music. We emerge from this relaxation paradise feeling as if we've learned to breathe again.


Between worlds

Lunch before an open-air dip
Undeniably, the morning's adventures have given us an appetite! We decide to eat at the establishment's restaurant and, on the way there, discover a beautiful indoor swimming pool shaped like a shell. The dining area is surrounded by impressively high glass walls.


The restaurant's outdoor terrace offers a broad view over the town of Spa and we can see the top station of the funicular. Our seafood platter arrives. Absolutely delicious. After such a generous starter, I order a croque-monsieur for my main dish and my partner chooses a hot goat's cheese salad. Naturally, we can drink as many bottles of Spa spring water as we like during the meal. As for dessert, we already have our eye on the wide selection of sweet treats available: pudding, tartlets, chocolate eclairs, chocolate mousse, fruit, etc.


With our appetites satisfied, we can't resist having a dip! The pool is divided into various sections with different types of water jets and bubbles. In the largest area, I bathe under a waterfall in the form of a toadstool. These pools are filled with natural mineral water from the Clémentine spring. That's not the end of our aquatic adventure. We can also bathe in the outdoor pool, which is even bigger and has a counter-current feature that I have fun with, attempting to swim against the current, or just floating along with it... and the water is heated in both swimming pools, indoor and outdoor.

Enough messing about. We decide to go back indoors to try the jacuzzi. The bubbles are so intense that it's almost impossible to stay seated. But it's a very pleasant experience. It's nearly time for our massage appointment, so we go to dry off. What better way than to stretch out under an infrared light which warms us up and induces a quick sleep! We're now ready to be massaged!


A beautiful finish

We've chosen the Ayuverda discovery package. We're promptly greeted by two massage therapists and our romantic relaxation session can begin. We both lie comfortably on our front, a towel covering the parts of our body not being massaged, to keep us warm during the session. The massage oil is warm and the ample gestures are synchronised. So that's how we end our day at the temple of relaxation. A massage session to free the mind and boost energy levels before we take to the road again.

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Les Thermes de Spa
Colline d'Annette et, Lubin, 4900 Spa , Belgium
+32 (0)87 77 25 60


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