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the best cabins in the Ardennes

The best cabins in the Ardennes


Who has ever dreamed of one day sleeping under the trees with your partner or your tribe? Childhood dreams can come true in the Ardennes in cabins, some of which are high above the ground.

Cabanes du Vichaux Cabanes du Vichaux Cabanes du Vichaux

1. Cabanes du Vichaux

Whether you're a couple or a family, Johann welcomes you to enjoy an unforgettable experience in the French Ardennes, and more specifically in Tournavaux, where you can stay in the heart of nature.

Just a stone's throw from the Semoy river and the Transemoysienne tourist route, his cabins will bring you relaxation, calm and rejuvenation.

Cabanes du Vichaux: Le Putois & La Chouette
Location: 12, Allée des Terrasses - 08800 Tournavaux, France
More info: Cabanes du Vichaux

2. La Cab’Âne

This cabin, located on the edge of a forest and close to the bank of the River Malaquise is a little (30m²) timber-clad nest that can accommodate two adults and two children. During your stay you can enjoy old-fashioned delights such as light from candles and oil lamps and cooking on an old-fashioned wood stove: a return to your roots, setting aside the fripperies of modern life.

Cab'Ane - Laura Le Guen of Globeblogueurs

Location: Le Ménil, 08150 Vaux-Villaine, France

More info: Cab'Ane

Cabane & Vallée at Haulmé - David Truillard

3. Cabane & Vallée at Haulmé

The location of these cabins is worth a special trip in itself: they overlook the magnificent Semoy valley. With no superfluous details or ostentatious luxury fittings, the "Lalégende" and "A l’orée" cabins are clad in unprocessed timber, to respect the environment. To take a shower, you have to cross the river in a boat: this is the real log-cabin lifestyle!

Location: Chemin du Cul d’Aillon, 08800 Haulmé, France

More info: cabane-et-vallee.fr

4. Kota Côte

The pre-Ardennes ridges are full of hidden gems like the flower-filled village of Semide. Here, you can leave the rat race behind you for a weekend's relaxation in the Kota Côte cabin, which even has its own sauna.

Kota Côte

Location: 10 rue des Louvots, 08400 Semide, France

More info: www.ardennes.com

Kota des Lapinous

5. Kota des Lapinous at Montgon

This pair of Finnish kotas plunge guests into the scents of Nordic essences. And what a pleasure it is to cycle through the surrounding countryside featuring the pre-Ardennes ridges (cycle hire available on request), then to have a sauna afterwards!

Location: 9, Rue principale de la Chansonnette, 08390 Montgon, France

More info: Gîte les Lapinous

6. La Cabane du Bois Dormant

Nestling at the heart of one of Wallonia's most beautiful forests, La Cabane du Bois Dormant at Spa envelops you into wild greenery. With all mod cons (toilet and shower), this retreat is an ideal pace to recharge your batteries and listen to the beating heart of nature.

La Cabane du Bois Dormant

Location: 26, Avenue Peltzer de Clermont, 4900 Spa, Belgium

More info: www.lacabaneduboisdormant.be

Le Chant des Cabanes

7. Cabane les 4 amis

This cabin's construction on piloti (stilts) give it added height: from the terrace the views of the countryside around Lierneux encourage guests to immerse themselves in the cabin's isolation. A magnificent cabin that's ideal for families: children will adore crawling through a wooden tunnel to their bedroom!

Location: 8, Le Calvaire, Arbrefontaine, 4990 Lierneux, Belgium

More info: Cabane les 4 amis

8. Abarolodge

This passive-energy, timber-clad gîte was built in 2017 to demonstrate the skills of local artisans and ecological engineering: it's a very beautiful, up-market, contemporary-style building. The solid timber beds were made by an artisan woodworker.


Location: Cras-Avernas, 4280 Hannut, Belgium

More info: www.abarolodge.be

Cabanes de Rensiwez

9. Cabanes de Rensiwez

They blend into the landscape on a meander of the River Ourthe and have everything you need for a stay of a few days: a kitchenette, a wood-burning stove and even a hot tub or sauna for some of them. They are dream cabins that we have all seen or read about in Nordic adventures.

Location: 1, Moulin de Rensiwez, 6663 Houffalize, Belgium

More info: Cabanes de Rensiwez

10. Mon Lit dans l’Arbre

Five unusual cabins are located in this park. Their design includes curved wrought-iron and timber inspired by nature. They are on the edge of the forest near Martilly. Did somebody say romantic?

Mon Lit dans l'Arbre

Location: 5, Rue du Chasselet, 6887 Martilly, Belgium

More info: monlitdanslarbre.be

Goutte d'eau

11. Goutte d’eau at Val d’Aisne

This cabin is unique and unusual: an enormous suspended tent designed by Dré Wapenaar. It's 4m tall and 2.75m in diameter. Guests slide inside with their sleeping bags. It forms part of the Val d’Aisne campsite, located on the bank of one of the most beautiful rivers in the Ardennes, and close to the Aisne tourist tramway.

Location: Le Val de l’Aisne campsite, 1, Rue du T. T. A.,  6997 Blier-Erezée, Belgium

More info: https://levaldelaisne.be/hebergements/tente-suspendue/

12. Cabin at Han-sur-Lesse

Inside the Han-sur-Lesse Caves Park, in a tent on a raised platform, you can spend the evening and night observing your animal neighbours in the safari park, including stags, does, aurochs, Przewalski's horses and mouflons. A unique experience in unusual accommodation.

Han-sur-Lesse cabin

Location: 2, Rue J. Lamotte, 5580 Han-sur-Lesse, Belgium

More info: http://www.grotte-de-han.be/fr/tree-tents

Cabin at Le Moulin de Lisogne

13. Cabins at Le Moulin de Lisogne

In the Haute-Leffe valley, the road winds past limestone meadows and the countryside. It continues along the river bank to the former Lisogne water mill, in whose large garden is a tree containing this cabin, amid nests of birds and squirrels. It has comfortable beds, heating and a private bathroom: now you are ready for a night in the trees!

Location: 60, Rue de la Lisonette, 5501 Lisogne, Belgium

More info: www.moulin-de-lisogne.be/cabanes/

14. Nutchel

This recently built cabin park is an ideal spot for a weekend's cocooning! Two days of relaxation where you can rediscover your inner self and enjoy a simpler lifestyle. The 26 timber cabins are filled with daylight, and you'd be forgiven for thinking you were living in the trees. And the call of the forest is very strong here: the Haute-Sûre Forêt d'Anlier Nature Park's most beautiful footpaths and hiking trails are on your doorstep.


Location: Nutchel Forest Camp "Les Ardennes", 51, Rue de Radelange, 6630 Martelange, Belgium

More info: www.nutchel.be

Cabin La Case de l'Oncle Henri - Etangs de Cendron

15. La Case de l'Oncle Henri

In the heart of the Chimay massif and close to the French Ardennes, you will find a beautiful cabin perched 6 metres high. In a green environment, an old oak tree welcomes you for an extraordinary stay. This is the kind of cabin we all dreamed of as children (and perhaps still do). At La Case de l'Oncle Henri, go from dream to reality!  

Location: 12 rue de Cendron, 6596 Forge-Philippe, Belgium

More info: www.cabanedanslesarbres.be

16. Aquascope

Would you like to live a unique experience, cut off from the world? The Aquascope cabins are located on the banks of the Virelles pond. Admire the sunset and sunrise from the terrace, dream under the stars, listen to the birds singing in the early morning... a romantic getaway for two.


Location: Rue Du Lac 42 - 6461 Virelles, Belgium
More info: www.aquascope.be

Aquascope Cabins