Photograph of a hand and leaves, in the forest by Laëtis

Environmental protection

Environmental protection

The Ardennes are an area that consists for 50% of nature. Indeed, at least 10 nature parks mark this cross-border region. For these nature parks, sustainable development is important in order to protect their environment. They are known for their geographical and biological characteristics and are home to exceptional flora and fauna.


Today, many visitors wish to travel "far away, close by" and are planning a stay in the Ardennes. We are delighted! However, everyone's vigilance will help to preserve the beauty of our landscapes. Each visitor can protect this beautiful region by adopting some simple gestures during their stay.



All together, let's take some good habits to protect the nature of the Ardennes. For example, pick up all your rubbish after your picnic, respect the paths and markings in the woods and don’t harm the fauna and flora. Let's set an example and communicate these simple gestures around us!

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