Eco-lodge Lanterfanter

Eco-lodge Lanterfanter

Eco-lodge Lanterfanter

Family Janssens - Dewulf

In the high fens-Eifel nature park, eco-lodge “De Lanterfanter” is run by a sporty family with Flemish-Dutch roots. It has been almost twenty years since they started the ecological renovation of an abandoned building in the middle of nature, and they turned it into an outdoor sports hotel. “De Lanterfanter” has become a large and cozy holiday home for families and groups, with an outdoor wellness area and facilities for cyclists.

Git Dewulf from eco-lodge Lanterfanter

For example, they installed a solar boiler, a water recovery and purification system, healthy insulation and used sustainable building materials. Their electricity supplier is the green energy cooperative Cociter.

The house's garden is made up of indigenous plants, whose medicinal properties Git knows well. She also likes to make her own teas, syrups and liqueurs, which the residents of the house enjoy.

De Lanterfanter has been awarded with the “Green Key” label for sustainable tourism since 2012. The owners are constantly trying to improve the sustainability of their holiday home: there is an herb garden for the guests, they make their own cleaning products and they are members of the Courant d'Air cooperative, which invests in sustainable projects in the region.

De Lanterfanter also benefited from the AGRETA project (ecotourism) of the high fens - Eifel Nature Park: the park provided the participating partner companies with indoor and outdoor facilities such as nature guides, educational games, nesting boxes, insect hotels, berry bushes, etc.

The goal of Git and her family is to show their guests how to interact more harmoniously with the planet, both through relaxation and sports in nature, as well as through local and responsible consumption.

Lanterfanter Schönberg
Wingerscheid 1, Schönberg, 4782 St. Vith
Province of Liège - Belgium
Tel : +32 (0)80 39 98 77
Label: Green Key (since 2012)


Git likes to make her own herbal liqueurs

The livingroom of the rental
The hot tub of Eco-lodge Lanterfanter
One of the rooms of Eco-lodge Lanterfanter
Eco-lodge Lanterfanter

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Git recommends: 

Restaurant Zum Burghof

Git recommends local shopping in the village of Schönberg. On the Lanterfanter website you will also find the addresses of some small shops, caterers and bakers in the area. Such as the Hopper Shop mini-market that delivers at home and the family restaurant Zum Burghof, which serves home-made dishes with regional products.


Hôtel - Café - Restaurant & Traiteur Zum Burghof
K.F.-Schinkel Straße 11 - 4782 Schönberg/St Vith
Province of Liège - Belgium
Tel.: +32 (0)80 54 81 59

Hôtel - Café - Restaurant & Traiteur Zum Burghof