Virelles Aquascope

VIRElles Aquascope

Virelles Aquascope

Vincent Scaillet

The Virelles nature reserve covers 1,640 hectares, including 80 hectares of lakes. It is a nesting site for birds and a resting place on migration routes. A magnificent place to watch, manage and conserve wildlife. 

Visitor centre at the Virelles Aquascope

The ethno-botany centre organises activities that educate visitors about the environment, and raise awareness of it. How can we co-exist well with the natural world? How did our ancestors use plants as medicines?  What are the benefits of outdoor school lessons? These and other questions are answered through guided tours, training courses and outdoor lesson activities, etc.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the natural world along paths, in bird-watching hides and observing underwater life. Vincent Scaillet explains: “The idea is that the sense of wonder created by a visit here encourages them to set up rest and refuge places for birds and insects in their own gardens or on their terraces.”

In addition to the tree houses, new, unusual buildings have just been completed, near the water’s surface, between the sky and the lake.


Aquascope de Virelles
42, Rue du Lac, 6461 VIRELLES
Province of Hainaut, Belgium
Tel: +32 473 881 701

Paths and sites to observe birds and underwater life immerse visitors.

Nature walk at Virelles Aquascope
Canoeing at Virelles Aquascope
Virelles Aquascope by Teddy Verneuil
Canoeing at Virelles Aquascope by Teddy Verneuil

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Recommended by Vincent: La Petite Suisse cattle farm

La Petite Suisse Farm is located near Chimay in Lompret, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Wallonia, at the heart of the Calestienne limestone area. Hugues Derzelle raises around ten heritage breeds of cattle there, chosen for their adaptation to the landscape. His objective is to restore the original biodiversity of the flora and fauna of the meadows. He is guided by a desire for the total well-being of his animals and an overwhelming preoccupation with preserving nature.

Hugues sells beef from his cattle direct to the public at his farm and also delivers it to customers in the provinces of Namur, Hainaut and Walloon Brabant, and to Brussels. He is close to, and respects, the earth and his customers. His meat parcels promote their origin and quality, but above all the pleasure of tasting the fruit of the labours of a farmer working in harmony with his land. The Aquascope cafeteria definitely made the right choice!



L'Elevage de la Petite Suisse
32, Rue Joaris, 6463 LOMPRET
Province of Hainaut, Belgium
Tel: +32 499 63 13 94


In the fields at La Petite Suisse Farm
Welcome to La Petite Suisse Farm
Group visit to La Petite Suisse Farm